Ksenia Leri Will Show the Most Stylish Exhibit Booths Again

Ksenia Leri Will Show the Most Stylish Exhibit Booths AgainAs last year, trend tours will be organized at CJF 2018. Spring: industry-specific routes across the exhibition booths with the purpose to study the basic trends in junior and children fashion of the new season. The tours will be guided by Ksenia Leri, TrendSquire Bureau Head, British Higher School of Art and Design Professor.

Ksenia will tell how cultural macro trends and a modern customer way of life influence design and technology in children’s clothing. During the tour the participants will get information about the main season trends in clothing and shoes in order to purchase stylish items; they’ll have a brief about color solutions and product collections. How design influences sales, what collections should satisfy different groups of customers, how to keep pace with the market – these are some of the topics which the tour participants will discuss with Ksenia.

“Actually, all small business owners or large company managers are interested to know what to offer their customers next season. How to understand what will be attractive, how to understand what it should be i.e. how to sell more”, Ksenia Leri, TrendSquire Bureau General Director says. “Several years of participation in CJF provided us with experience in holding discussions with manufacturers and distributors from many Russian cities. When a design and marketing team faces a task to create the next season collection, first of all they should analyze who their customer is, what his life is up to, what his principles and convictions are, what things he accepts and what things he neglects. The customer’s world view forms his way of life which, in its turn, determines the customer’s preferences in design including clothes.