Tri Medwedya: soft and sensible clothing

Tri Medwedya: soft and sensible clothingNatural fabrics, soft pastel colors – these are distinctive features of the products for the new born babies manufactured by Tri Medwedya, a factory from Bryansk. Besides clothes, the company also produces various accessories for children, toys and learning games, bedclothes and baptizing sets.

The Happy Animals collection presented at the exhibition this spring was popular among buyers. The wholesale customers purchased items for new born babies, both for maternity hospital and for the first months of life, made of natural fabrics with no harmful dye solutions.

Elena Dorogavtseva, the factory Director, noted that there were customers from Siberia, from far-off Northern regions, “We are pleased that our products have been appreciated by many different regions. We order only high quality fabrics; we watch carefully to obtain only nice colorings. We tend to keep in the middle price segment. I design the prints and the colorings for our products myself. We have our own printers for applique patterns: water-based inks with high thermal resistance can stand 40 washes. Tri Medwedya means a family: a mother, a father, and a child. It’s a homely atmosphere, coziness, care and tenderness. We, as manufacturers of clothes for children, care about our children’s health; therefore we use only natural and environment-friendly materials. Due to the high quality of the fabrics and cloth sheets, our products are durable, healthy and easy to care; they keep color and shape for a long time.”