Limpopo presents a full newborn baby set

Limpopo presents a full newborn baby set A really spring time and tender looking stand was made by Limpopo that presented goods for newborns under the brand name GulSara® at the exhibition. This manufacturer from the city of Naberezhnye Chelny has been the major supplier of the goods for newborns in the Volga region since 2000. This company took part in the spring edition for the first time.

The product range of the company includes everything a young mother would need: diapers and matinee coats, sets for leaving maternity hospital, mattresses and hosiery, terry and mid-season jumpers.

“We brought to the exhibition a beautiful collection of sets for leaving maternity hospital,” the company representatives say. “Our price segment is economy-plus, at the same time the quality of the products is quite high, and it is appreciated by the customers. We tend to follow an interesting design and quality fabrics; we use knitted and leather elements. All the sets contain many items; we try to provide everything necessary for babies: polyester batting blankets, hats, knitted outerwear, knitted underwear. The parents may not worry what to bring to the maternity hospital for the leave. GulSara® sets have all the necessary items for a newborn baby.”

Dealers order children’s hosiery from the manufacturer and they are glad to present the products in retail stores in the Russian market.