Karina Kino® presented a unique original print collection

Karina Kino<sup>®</sup> presented a unique original print collection Karina Kino®, a designer clothes brand, presented its collection of clothes for children at the Territory of Start-ups, Small and Micro Business.

Karina Kinosian, a painter, a Stroganov School for Technical Drawing graduate, is the founder of the Karina Kino brand. Her portfolio includes works for major companies including Disney Russia and TBOE brand. Having quitted her work in the mass market, Karina registered her own brand Karina Kino®; initially she used it for the clothes for adults, and after giving birth to her daughter, she created a product range for children.

The main distinctive features of Karina Kino® articles are highly artistic watercolor prints painted by Karina. Unlike many other brands, the prints are positioned not only on the front part of clothes, they cover the whole garment. The hand-made watercolor prints combined with other techniques are digitalized and put on natural fabrics: 100% and 80% cotton. Fairy tales, botanical motifs, and animals form the basis of the prints. The product range includes sweatshirts, jumpers, trousers, leggings, dresses and suits in the medium price category. The size range is from 0 to 8 years, but there are also items for older children. The products are manufactured at a Moscow factory, mainly from Turkish fabrics.

Combinations in the Family Look style are very popular among the customers of Karina Kino®: a mother, and a father, and a child. Some brand fans are even collecting the Karina Kino prints. The brand annually produces two seasonal collections, and also a pre-collection, a post-collection and a cruise collection. The stake is put on a variety of original prints, not on the types of items. According to the company, one year ago they started a profound brand development with a business plan and investments; at present the brand has acquired a stable pool of customers. The product range of the brand also includes stationery.