Roman Mikhnenok: if a girl wears Malinoffka®, she feels happy

Roman Mikhnenok: if a girl wears Malinoffka<sup>®</sup>, she feels happyManufacturing of outdoor clothes for Roman Mikhnenok is not just a business, for him it is a passion and a labor of love. No matter whether the company’s track record is very solid, they are always searching for new ways of development. This year, the company has produced its first items for boys. The General Director of Mikhnenok Fashion House spoke about their new product specialties and their Malinoffka® brand.

Roman, would you please tell us about the Malinoffka® brand.

“We have been working in the wholesale market in Russia for 19 years already. Today, many people know Malinoffka®, and their response is only positive. Our reputation is very important for us. We do not try to put less effort to our work; on the opposite, we produce exclusive goods of the highest quality as if for ourselves. Until last autumn, we had produced clothes only for girls of school age, from the 1st to the 10th grade. Yet those were Family Look items, a universal design which would fit both girls and their mothers.”

What latest product specialties have you presented at CJF?

“In response to many customers’ requests we have started manufacturing overcoats for boys, and we’ve made two first models: safari – hiking style, and the other one for urban-wear: it is wide enough to wear a school jacket underneath. Since brand Malinoffka® has primarily addressed girls, we have created Wolverine®, a brand for boys.

“There’s an illustrative example telling how one of our coats’ models has been created. We purchased fabric which turned out to be too soft. Then we found a factory in Russia, which managed to put the fabric onto a membrane and thus to make it thicker. It was Mercury: they manufacture fabrics for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Russia including those for the Ratnik® gear. They put our fabric onto their membrane, and in the end we received the highest quality and an acceptable price. There are no competitors who make nylon fabric with membrane: our company is the only one who has succeeded in it. The lining is also of a good quality, every detail has been carefully thought over; there’s even a chin skin protection covering the zip fastener. We manufacture such products with pride.”

What are the advantages of your products?

“In my opinion, for a product to sell well, one has to invest his soul and a lot of labor. It is necessary to go over every snarl, seam and joint, and the main thing is to make a good framework. We go to China to purchase fabrics and garment accessories in order to lower the final cost of our products. If we buy in Russia, the fabrics will be more expensive. We visit international exhibitions in China, and we choose the goods that match our needs. It would seem, for example, this fabric is so simple; however it is covered with a very light foil from the inside to keep warmth in the overcoat. These are the modern technologies: a print, plus synthetic chiffon, and such a jacket will suit the temperatures from -5 degrees centigrade. We purchase iron-on transfer and embroidery in China, too.

“We want our clothes to be used for minimum 5 years. But sometimes we meet people wearing our clothes which are more than 10 years old. Every product requires a lot of effort: there are many pockets, including patch-pockets, all are sewed ideally; every zip fastener has patches for the locks. The zipper can’t break in the lower and in the upper positions. The garment accessories are polished and they’ll never peel off. The finishing is of high quality, all by Feng Shui. Plus, we use a sports membrane with micro patterns – ram bows. Serious sports clothes companies use fabrics with such knitting. Wholesale prices for our overcoats are 2,500 – 3,000 rubles. To achieve such prices, we saved even on the packaging, for it will be thrown away as garbage, anyway. And this is appreciated all around Russia, including Northern regions.

“The most important thing for me is if a girl wears Malinoffka®, she feels happy.”