Chudo-Child® will make travelling easier for parents

Chudo-Child<sup>®</sup> will make travelling easier for parentsChudo-Child® have a new product for the summer season: baby carriers for newborns and babies. It is the company’s original design, like all the rest of their products.

The interest in baby carriers has been growing year after year. There are several reasons for this: high prices for baby prams and strollers and parents’ wish to be closer to their child.

Chudo-Child® will make travelling easier for parents Chudo-Child® has been introducing simple and comfortable product solutions for parents and children for 20 years already.

This year’s new products are very popular; in particular, the BabyActive Simple baby carrier.

BabyActive Simple is a basic product from the baby carrier product range by Chudo-Child®. It is perfect for carrying newborns (lying position). For older babies, it can be fixed in positions facing the parent, or back to the parent, or behind the back of the parent.