Julia Alekseeva: both teachers and producers need STEM education technologies

Julia Alekseeva: both teachers and producers need STEM education technologiesThe session “STEM education for children: the cross-point of interests of educational establishments and producers” initiated by YASAM Educational Centers Network will be held on the 27th of September on our traditional Day of Supplementary Education.

Hall 2, Seminar Room 4

YASAM Educational Centers Network is a long-standing committed partner of our exhibition, and it maintains close contacts with many manufacturers of toys and stationery. We asked Julia Alekseeva, YASAM Educational Centers Network President and the organizer of the session, to tell in detail about a new systematic approach to education and development of children which teachers and methodologists wish to bring closer to their colleagues from the industry of goods for children.

“First, let me explain the abbreviation. STEAM means Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. These main programs provide maximum response to our new digital era, and they are based on an absolutely innovative approach. In the first place, it is a cross-program approach. Children get knowledge of one of the topics, and get acquainted with all the sciences at the same time. Each teacher creates his own topic and explains it through the prism of his knowledge of his science. As a result, children receive systematic knowledge which they can easily apply. Secondly, the studies of mathematics, natural sciences, and technologies are bound to creativity; this helps children achieve better results and enjoy the lessons. At present, teachers and methodologists are intensively developing STEM programs in Russia based on the experience of their colleagues from the USA, where these programs have been applied for a long time. If you take a closer look at the products of the American and some of European manufacturers, you’ll find products labeled the cherished abbreviation STEM. I appreciate that the Russian manufacturers and distributors are now discovering this issue, and marketing managers of many companies are already introducing this perspective trend.

“The main aim of our session is to bring together the representatives of educational establishments with manufacturers and distributors of the popular toys and games. We tend to explain to the colleagues how important it is to manufacture products evolving the children’s zest towards science, technology and mathematics. These are the necessary instruments for education, career, and everyday life of the children of the digital era.”