Manufacturer from Ryazan has entered the school uniform market

Manufacturer from Ryazan has entered the school uniform marketRussian Form, a company from Ryazan that once started its way in business with reselling school clothes, has launched its own product line-up of school uniform.

It differs from the uniform of competitors with its laconic design and a wide variety of colors: the customers can choose from more than 20 colors. In addition to tunics and jackets made of cotton with addition of lycra, the company offers polo shirts for children of various colors, in both summer and winter versions. Such shirts are very comfortable for children, and due to the classic oxford cloth collars they comply with the school dress-code.

The unified style branding of all schools in Ryazan became a real happening for Russian Form: in order to make it possible, the designers had to rework and design anew the labels for all educational establishments.

For the convenience of the customers, the company has introduced mobile shop stands, where all the product models are compactly presented in 1 sq. m. in all sizes from 110 to 152. This facilitates trying on, and helps quickly place orders with the factory for the whole class and even for the whole school.