Want to manage your business processes? Welcome to this workshop!

Want to manage your business processes? Welcome to this workshop!Project Alliance, the Association of Project Managers, will take part in the supporting events of the exhibition for the first time; the Association experts will hold a workshop on the management of the business processes.

The program is designed for business owners, managers, and employees who are engaged in business management and in improvement of business performance. The workshop leader, Timofey Timofeev, Project Alliance APM Managing Partner, spoke in detail about the features of the program:

– All business owners, directors, managers want their company to run like clockwork: to have a clear understanding of who is doing what and at what time. A manager should be able to scale up the business not leaving things to chance and being independent of so called key staff. This set of tasks is solved during the development and formalization of the company's business processes system.

Is your company prepared to introduce project management? What would you need besides your will and existing problems? What processes are required exactly for your company, and why? How much time does this work take?

All the participants of the workshop will be able to

  • Receive answers to their questions;
  • Find out what positive results they will get;
  • Evaluate whether it can be appropriate for their companies;
  • Find out about the approaches to the descriptions design and business processes introduction;
  • See how it looks in reality;
  • Find out how to introduce the designed system of processes, and what difficulties to expect on this way, and how to succeed.

The work will be performed as an interactive discourse.

It’s important that after the workshop the participants will be able to plan the necessary preparatory work, determine the extent and direction of the changes in existing business processes, and also prevent the most typical problems of implementation of the system.

The speaker:

Timofey Timofeev, Ph.D. Mr., Management Consultant, APM Project Alliance Managing Partner:

  • completed over 60 consulting projects;
  • justified over 7.1 billion rubles’ investments in industrial projects;;
  • 12 years of management experience;
  • since 1998 in consulting business.