ArtAvangard to present eco brushes for amateurs and professionals

ArtAvangard to present eco brushes for amateurs and professionalsArtAvangard, a factory located in Kirov, which has celebrated its 80th anniversary, will present their new product line of paintbrushes: eco-squirrel brushes, made of synthetic fabrics imitating natural squirrel hair.

The factory’s work resulted in a paintbrush with the characteristics as close as possible to a brush made of Siberian squirrel’s natural hair. The base of the paintbrush is wide; it gradually thins out and ends with a thin tip. It is very convenient for beginning artists. The paintbrushes made of Siberian squirrel hair (black hair) are the most favorite and popular tools of artists and art teachers. They are soft, and they produce smooth lines. Such paintbrushes are good for watercolor, gouache, and tempera. The lack of raw material, rising prices, and modern eco-trends have created a new market situation: a transit towards high quality synthetic paintbrushes has started.

The eco-squirrel paintbrush collection presents two model series:

  1. A series for children's creativity using a suture tin clip. Wooden pen is impregnated without coating. The brushes of the series are formed round.
  2. A professional paintbrush series using a seamless nickel clip. The brush pen is covered with the Carmine lacquer coating. Round and flat brush models represent the series.

The quality of ArtAvangard products is highly appreciated by both amateurs and high class professionals. So, for example, restorers of the Moscow Kremlin and artists of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior used the paintbrushes of the factory in their work. ArtAvangard supplies paintbrushes to the Imperial Porcelain Factory in St. Petersburg, to Zhostovo Factory of Decorative Painting, Ariel Factory of Glass Christmas-tree Decorations, and many others.