16 / 10 / 2009

NEW!  The 2nd session of the Organizing Committee for the International Forum on Intellectual Property - Expopriority’2009

15 October 2009 saw the 2nd session of the Organizing Committee for the International Forum on Intellectual Property - Expopriority’2009 (8-10 December 2009).

The Forum will incorporate the Intellectual Property Congress and the Exhibition of the Latest Scientific and Technical Achievements. The Session ran under the chairmanship of I.A. Bliznets, Chairman of the Committee on Intellectual Property of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

As the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry pays special attention to the development of the Innovative Activity Centres throughout the country, it became the co-organizer of the Forum.

The Members of the Organizing Committee have aimed the Congress to be of practical help to business. It is expected that the Congress will be attended by the leadership, marketing managers and lawyers of the companies which are involved in designing new products and technology and promotion of their innovations to the Russian and foreign markets. The Congress participation fee of 18,500.00 roubles (exclusive of VAT) will allow the exhibitor to delegate 2-3 representatives to the Congress. In the registration zone leading patent attorneys will hold free consultations for the delegates.

Article 11 of Paris Convention on Intellectual Property stipulates that innovations, utility models, industrial designs and trade marks exhibited at the ‘official and officially recognized exhibitions’ shall be granted temporary legal protection (the exhibition priority). In Russia this provision does not actually work despite the fact that Russia joined the Convention in 1965.

The session of the Organizing Committee discussed the form of application to the Exhibition Divisions and the form of the Certificate of Disclosure to be issued to the exhibitors. The Certificate will provide intellectual property holders exhibiting their innovations with a so-called grace period and enable them to apply for patent in Russia and other countries that have acceded to Paris Convention after a disclosure. When filing a trade mark patent application the date of the trade mark disclosure at the exhibition - according to the Russian IP legislation - is regarded as the date of priority.

The organizing committee decided to provide the exhibitors with a guide on filling in the application documents for temporary legal protection of their innovations at exhibitions to exempt such a disclosure that might be considered prior art.

The Committee discussed measures to attract participation in the Exhibition of the Latest Scientific and Technical Achievements from small and medium innovative companies established by state-owned research and educational institutions under Federal Law No. 217-FZ d.d. 02 August 2009. Expocentre has prepared a special offer of exhibition space rental for this category of exhibitors. It is 2,200 roubles (exclusive of VAT) per sq. m of the equipped space. It is planned to allot preferential exhibition spaces for individual inventors at 6,000 roubles per space (exclusive of VAT). The exhibitors in this category will be exempt from the registration fee, and their exhibition space rental will cover participation of one representative of the company in the Intellectual Property Congress.

All these measures will open up unrivalled opportunities for direct marketing of innovations at the exhibition and enable the exhibitors to get actionable information regarding implementation of innovations in the Russian and foreign markets.

The necessity to define the status of the exhibitions for effective implementation of Article 11 of Paris Convention on Intellectual Property will be discussed at a special section of the Congress to be attended by the leadership of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), the Russian Union of the Exhibition and Fairs (RUEF) other organizers of international exhibitions from across Russia. The co-organizers of the Forum aim to restate the provisions of the two international conventions (the above-mentioned Paris Convention dated 1883 and the Convention on International Exhibitions dated 1928) so that they meet modern requirements. The updated Conventions will make the use the exhibition priority right easier for the benefit of all inventors.


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