The most important part of any child’s outfit is their shoes. There are no small details when it comes to children’s footwear. It must be easy to put on and take off, be comfortable, durable, of high quality and attractive. These shoes also need to provide everything growing feet need.

CJF – Shoes at CJF – Child and Junior Fashion reflects a recent consumer trend which is buying children’s shoes to match an outfit.

  • Footwear for newborns
  • Footwear for preschoolers  
  • Footwear for schoolchildren  
  • Footwear for teenagers  
  • Footwear for home and leisure  
  • Footwear for sports and outdoor activities  
  • Beach footwear  
  • Leather and fur footwear  
  • Festive shoes  
  • Felt footwear  
  • Rubber footwear