The 25th anniversary of Mir Detstva is the quality mark

The 25th anniversary of Mir Detstva is the quality mark

Ekaterina Bednova,

Head Exhibition Operating Management

Dear participants and visitors to the Mir Detstva exhibition,

We are pleased to welcome you, and we are proud that such a significant event in the childrens industry has been organised and held at Expocentre, that it has always been successful and respected by the professional community.

For a quarter of a century, our exhibition has made its modest contribution to the market promotion of the best products, services, and innovations of the industry of childrens goods.

The 25th anniversary of the exhibition confirms its relevance and value for you, our customers and visitors. We strive to keep up with the times, and together with you, we are looking for a further development of our project both in the product sectors of the exhibition and in supporting events that accompany the show.

Demonstrating the best that the modern technology can provide, together with you we are participating in making life of every child better, and this means we are changing the world bringing in more comfort, joy, and happiness.

Welcome to Mir Detstva!