Anastasia Fedotova: Learning Resources toys have proven effective over 35 years

Anastasia Fedotova: Learning Resources toys have proven effective over 35 years

Learning Resources® is a leading global manufacturer of innovative teaching aids and educational toys for children. We asked Anastasia Fedotova, Sensorium Group Head, the official distributor of the brand in Russia, to tell us about the advantages of these toys.

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There is a huge variety of educational materials these days. What are the advantages of Learning Resources®?

The secret of popularity of our toys is that they make both children and adults feel comfortable and interested to learn. The learning process is always effective, convenient, and positive.

At Learning Resources®, all the manufacturing processes are designed to produce advanced educational products. The designers and technologists cooperate closely with professional trainers and psychologists. Every toy is developed from the standpoint of convenience for the child: size, colour, and ergonomics are carefully thought out.

I would like to point out that Learning Resources® makes educational materials and toys for home education as well as for kindergartens, and schools. Our toys have hundreds of items for ages from two to fourteen.

What toys have already become bestsellers?

Two educational playsets are the sartorial statement of the brand in Russia: the Small Pens for fine motor skills development, and the Berry Pie set for sorting. They are unique in their kind, and they are very popular among customers, they are simply unparalleled.

The bestsellers in Russia also are:

  • Write & Erase educational files;
  • Sets of volumetric geometric forms;
  • My First Laboratory. Young Researcher.
Anastasia Fedotova: Learning Resources® toys have proven effective over 35 years
Anastasia Fedotova: Learning Resources® toys have proven effective over 35 years

Would you please tell us more about the Botley Robot by Learning Resources® that got the Toy of the Year Award?

Yes, in 2019 the Botley Robot (Deluxe model) received the TOTY (Toy of the Year) award in the Innovative Toy of the Year nomination. This is the most prestigious nomination for the most famous prize in the world. This award is also called the "Oscar among the toys." It is worth noting that this is not the only award that Botley has received. In addition to the proud title of the Toy of the Year 2019, there are five more awards in the arsenal of this small robot.

In general, the Learning Resources® toys win prizes and receive awards in various contests every year; over 35 years, tens and hundreds of international awards have been received.

What sales channels do you use?

Our company, as an official distributor of Learning Resources®, started the development of the brand with the opening of an online brand store in 2014. Over the 5 years of work, more than 25,000 people have already purchased toys in our store (teachers, trainers, mothers willing to educate their children, and other types of customers).

Today, the top priority of our business is to build a distribution network throughout the country, so that mothers and teachers would be able to purchase our toys and educational materials in every city and in every region of Russia.

What are you going to demonstrate at the exhibition in September?

The exhibition is one of the principal opportunities to present the new products. Of course, we will present the bestsellers and hit models alongside with the new products.

The demand for quality education will never go down. Teachers and parents will always be searching for the most effective educational materials in teaching. Therefore, we know for sure that the present and the future success depend on creation of quality products that will allow the children to succeed; and the toys by Learning Resources® are the first step towards the success.