Fathers inventors create successful business

Fathers inventors create successful business

How do ideas come for your own business? Everyone has his or her own secret, his or her own path. However, in the children's industry, 90% of ideas are born at the time when... your own children are born. This happened to Andrei Shemet, the head of the Volgograd company, who invented the kitten Shema.

Andrei, would you tell us how it all started? How did you invent this sweet kitten?

It all began with the father exhausted by sleepless nights. More precisely, with the three dads who were in our team. Each of us has children; my son is only 16 months. From his birth, he bluntly refused to sleep at night. I think you know what happens at home when a child does not sleep well.

Leo fell asleep only to the sound of water that pours from the tap. Imagine how difficult it was to put him to sleep somewhere outside the house while on a visit or on a trip!

Fathers inventors create successful business I studied all the toys on the Russian market and realised that there were few goods for baby sleep. I wanted to make up an outstanding product that would help our kids calm down and fall asleep faster. Finally, we came up with Shema: a great gadget that helps parents get their baby to sleep.

What is the special feature of this toy?

Shema is unique. We have put together everything that will help the baby calm down and fall asleep. The kitten has eight copyright melodies, vibration, and nightlight that shimmers with all the colours of the rainbow. Moreover, our cat purrs like a real one!

In addition, most importantly, you can control all this from the mobile app, and you do not need to go to the toy every time, for example, to change the mode or the light in the night lamp.

And, of course, this sound of water that pours from the tap! We recorded it and uploaded it to Shema. Now it is always with us.

How does the app work?

First, you need to download it in the AppStore or PlayMarket depending on your phone model. It takes literally three minutes to sign up. You can give a name to your kitten and indicate the details of your baby. After that, you can control Shema through the app. You can select the desired mode of operation, the melody, and the colour of the night light, adjust the volume of the melody, brightness, sensitivity of the sensors, and you can adjust the time of the melody play.

You can also download your babys favorite fairy tales and songs to the cats flash card, and switch those on with the app.

Where can we buy Shema the Kitten?

We are the sole distributor of Shema the Kitten. We have a website where you can place your order: www.shema.toys.

Our Instagram is @shematoys.

Our consultants will help you choose the most convenient way of payment and delivery, they will provide you with all the details on the Kitten, and they will help you arrange the order placement.

You are planning to present the new version of Shema the Kitten Shema 2 - at the Mir Detstva exhibition in September. How will it differ from the previous one?

Shema 2 version has more features. There will be an accelerated charging time, just a couple of hours. The active operating time of the module will be 12 hours. There will also be improved buttons on the main screen in the application, and security features will be improved.

The application will have a new feature for creating playlists. Come to our booth and we will show you all.

We have cosmic scale plans! We want every kid on earth to have his or her own Shema, and everyone finally to have a good nights sleep.