Pleasure for sweet teeth and gourmands

Pleasure for sweet teeth and gourmands

The Caramel Factory brand, for the first time at the exhibition, will present the products that will allow making candies at home. The catalog of the brand demonstrates the molds not only for caramel but also for marmalade, kozinaki, gingerbread, and cookies.

The idea to produce molds for home cooking has a history behind it. Initially this Chelyabinsk-based company was focusing on imports of industrial equipment from Germany, after that the enterprise got the know-how of working on CNC machine tools and began taking orders for manufacturing of technical products.

Soon, large confectionary companies turned to the enterprise with requests to produce professional molds for making caramel. The number of customers increased, and the following idea came to the mind of the company owners: since there was a high demand for caramel, then why not try to offer beautiful, convenient, and high quality molds for making caramel at home.

An important step was to architecture the mold design: a light, safe, and easy to use, Natalya Mache, the Company Head, says. We paid a special attention to the design of the mold. The mold turned out to be good, and we took out a patent on the design. After that, we thought about the name of the brand. The fact that the company is able to carry out the entire production cycle on its own, from a sketch to a finished mold, also allowed us to feel confident about the future. We possess a well-equipped tool park, and this allows us to take large production orders and manufacture the products on time.

Yet, at the start, the Caramel Factory faced difficulties in the promotion of the new products in the market. The company solved that problem by arranging open workshops on making caramel at various city events. The public response was more than positive. You can taste such a candy yourself, or you can beautifully pack it and present it to your dear person: it is a simple, but a handmade gift, and it is very important.

Pleasure for sweet teeth and gourmands
Pleasure for sweet teeth and gourmands

It is the unique design of the molds that allows you to conduct such classes with children where in 5-10 minutes the participants can get the result of their work. Obviously, therefore, the geography of workshops on making caramel using molds of the Caramel Factory® has expanded quite rapidly: now they are held in more than 20 cities of Russia.

A good customers response created the demand, and the sales increased. At present, the products of Caramel Factory® can be found in large online stores and in federal retail chains.

After the molds for ordinary caramel and fruit drops, the molds for candies of chupa-chups type and kozinaki were also introduced to the product range of the Caramel Factory®, and the sets for making colored gingerbread were invented. The gift sets that provide everything necessary for making candy at home are popular. Such sets can be original gifts for any occasions.

For beginners, the company has developed a recipe book that presents recommendations of chefs to make really tasty and beautiful desserts.

Caramel Factory® will welcome customers and visitors at their exhibition stand, and the company guarantees not only profitable commercial offers as well as bright and sincere emotions!