Building Effective Cooperation with Retail Chains

Building Effective Cooperation with Retail Chains

On February 26, on the platform of the Licensing Marketplace a seminar will be held on a topical issue: How can suppliers of children's goods discover and use their main advantages to enter retail chains and keep the achieved positions? hosted by KVK "Empire".

Pavilion 8, Hall 3, Licensing Marketplace

The manufacturers of the goods for children have always faced this critical question: what should they do in order to not only enter retail chains shelves, but also to hold on. This is especially true when theres children's goods oversupply pressure. However, having held de jure successful negotiations with a retail chain and having signed a contract, the de facto supplier is left alone with a specific Russian merchandising system of this particular retail chain, with this retailers thoughtless pricing, and other negative factors. The sales are decreasing, and sooner or later, the products will be withdrawn from the retailers shelves.

Irina Bondaruk will inform how to solve these problems (Irina Bondaruk, an independent expert in the field of organizing retail business with 15 years of experience in procurement and marketing with the largest retail chains, such as Auchan, X5 Retail Group, GC Victoria Group) in a special program tailored for retail chains purchasing managers, distributors, and manufacturers of the goods for children.

Irina Bondaruk will share her knowledge on how to control the pricing of your products, and what alternative methods of entering the retail chains shelves exist. The participants of the workshop will learn how to choose the right retail chain in order to keep their profits.

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