Childrens Fashion: a Store of the Future

22 / 02 / 2021

A Conference on Store 4.0: Innovations. Technology, Development Strategies for the Childrens Fashion Industry at a Time of Rapid Changes has taken place within the accompanying programme of the 25th CJF Child and Junior Fashion 2021. Spring Anniversary International Exhibition.

The conference is organised by Boris Agatov, consultant and expert in retail innovations, co-founder of New Retail and Project Line, and EXPOCENTRE AO with media support of

Offline shops have a future, they will not disappear, but they will be forced to change, conference participants believe. And the so-called 'analogue shops' will borrow a lot from successful online practices - offline shops will move territorially closer to their customers, change the retail space and logistics, and introduce a large number of digital services.

According to Boris Agatov, the e-commerce market grew by 44 percent in 2020 compared to 2019. "Had there been no pandemic, this segment would have grown by 28 percent," the speaker believes. The pandemic did not change the situation, but served as a catalyst for processes that would have happened anyway, but somewhat later.

Boris Agatov, the author of the Store 4.0 concept himself, talks about how a new type of children's offline shop will be set up in the post-coronavirus era.

The key elements of Store 4.0 will be interactive dressing rooms, a mobile assistant for the shop assistant (a mobile app for the shop assistant) and a mobile app for the customer.

In this way, the new type of shop will evolve "from a beautiful and convenient warehouse to a place with completely new functionality".

At the CJF Child and Junior Fashion 2021. Spring anyone can enjoy the new shopper experience of the future at the Store 4.0 consultation stand, which is located in Pavilion No. 1, Stand 1E65.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO