How to turn an offline shop into a brand shop

23 / 02 / 2021

The 25th anniversary edition of CJF Child and Junior Fashion 2021. Spring featured the Workshop on How to Increase Offline Sales and Loyalty of Buyers of Goods for Children in the New Market Conditions. The event was organised by the VM Guru agency with support of EXPOCENTRE AO.  

Expert in visual merchandising and store design and founder of the rtEZ Academy Anna Balandina showed a presentation with case studies of how to make a successful brand shop.  

The speaker talked about how customers have changed since the start of the pandemic, and how attitudes towards goods and shopping have changed. "You can buy things online now, and it will be cheaper. And an offline shop today is not just a retail outlet with a product but a design space. Therefore, to keep the customer coming and coming back, you need to create a visual frame for your product," stressed Anna Balandina.

Why focus on a visual story? Why is the new generation of customers generations Y and Z ready to go to offline shops and why? How to create a separate brand from the shop? What kind of mistakes in visual merchandising seriously affect sales? These and many other issues were addressed during the workshop.

Anna Balandina revealed the concepts of the "golden colour formula" and "golden trading levels", and drew attention to the options for grouping and zoning goods in a shop. An algorithm for turning a shop into a brand was presented at the workshop. In addition, the speaker shared her advice on how to choose and where to install mannequins correctly to make them work in any season.

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