Purchasing Centre for Retail Chains has united sellers and customers of childrens goods

24 / 02 / 2021

As always, the CJF Child and Junior Fashion 2021. Spring exhibition featured the 21st Trade Forum with Purchasing Centre for Retail Chains The Childrens Market in the Times of Covid-19. The forum was organised by the Imperia Forum convention and exhibition company.

Practitioners gave an overview of the pandemic-distorted children's goods market. They talked about new trends and consumer preferences inherited from 2020. They gave an answer to what retailers are staking on in the crisis year of 2021 and what goods suppliers are waiting for in the first place. In addition, they talked about typical mistakes made by suppliers when entering retail chains.

The focus session "Online as a lifeline during the pandemic swing: how to pump up online sales of children's goods and not be afraid of new waves" was dedicated to working with bloggers. How does a small supplier of children's goods find the ambassadors to cooperate profitably? How to promote and sell a children's brand on Instagram, VKontakte and Facebook? The forum participants were told how to make social media a powerful sales channel.

The second part of the forum was dedicated directly to negotiations between suppliers and retail chain buyers for suppliers of children's goods. More than 20 retail chains and online retailers came to Purchasing Centre for Retail Chains at CJF Child and Junior Fashion 2021 to update the range of their shops.

During the negotiations, suppliers learned about the demand for their goods and were able to understand whether they met the networks' requirements. They gave a presentation to the purchasing decision-makers. As a result, supply contracts were concluded.

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