"Made in Udmurtia" Exhibition Stands: From Fashion Clothing to Perfumes and Baby Cribs

27 / 09 / 2021

This year, as never before, there were many collective exhibition stands representing regional manufacturers at the Mir Detstva and CJF-Child and Junior Fashion Exhibitions. Several companies were presented by the Udmurt Republic at the group stand "Made in Udmurtia".

These are companies from Igra, Mozhga, Sarapul, and Izhevsk. The Development Corporation helped them in covering the costs of renting exhibition space, building a stand, paying registration fees, and preparing presentation materials.

The Mir Detstva Exhibition was attended by the companies: Radian Company that presented plastic furniture, goods for newborns and goods for outdoor activities, ChudoChado Company -- wooden educational toys, Romak Mebel Company -- baby cribs, Emili & Mari Perfume Company-- design kits for children's perfumes and two fragrances for children, Zufa Company -- wooden puzzles.

The founder of the perfume house Olga Zamilova (Emili & Mari Perfume) creates fragrances for children and with the assistance of the children. At the Exhibition, Olga presented a fragrance that was created for a 3-year-old girl Maria, who said that she wanted a scent of ... a rainbow. And the perfumer created such a fragrance including 7 floral scents; now it is one of the most popular perfumes for children. In addition, the Company presented a unique developmental game "Perfume Designer", which includes 12 perfume ingredients, perfume bottles, a perfume diary, and cards with descriptions of flowers and plants, on the basis of which a particular fragrance can be created. This magic case has already been included into the children's New Year's wish lists!

The entrepreneurs from Udmurtia also presented several companies at the CJF - Child and Junior Fashion Exhibition. Jumbi Company presented hats for children, Dancing, Ltd. -- sportswear for dancing, Naga-Kids Company -- french terry costumes for children, and the LevinGuk Company presented children's clothing.

-- We launched our own clothing brand just six months ago, and this event is important for us in many respects. Firstly, we see the response of the customers, we understand that our products are interesting, and the prices suit our customers. Secondly, our target audience is at the Exhibition, we exchange contacts, send business offers. We have already received contacts from large retail chains: Familia and Svetofor. And the most important thing is that now we have got an understanding of the direction of our business development and moving on, -- Naga-Kids Company Director Yulia Potemkina shared her impressions of the Exhibition.