Children's fashion experts at CJF shared their experience in acquiring knowledge when purchasing goods

21 / 02 / 2022

The Workshop on a Buyer's Competences: Knowledge of Product Features and Characteristics as a Basis for Successful Purchasing was useful for those who plan to successfully purchase children's goods. The event was organised by EXPOCENTRE AO in partnership with the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, took place within the conference programme of CJF Child and Junior Fashion 2022. Spring. 

The workshop was moderated by Svetlana Kostenko, Director of the Centre for Competence Development in Fashion Industry and Fashion Retail at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. "We are faced with the fact that very often people who do not have a basic education in merchandising are involved in buying and selling clothes. Our centre was created precisely to improve people's skills in selling and creating clothes," said the moderator.

Elena Raikova, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of Commodity Conduct and Expertise at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, spoke at the workshop in detail about what a children's goods buyer should be, what professional qualities and knowledge he or she should have.  

Buyer is a brand specialist in the fashion world. It is, above all, a trade analyst who compiles the range and understands how effective it is and whether it needs to change working with suppliers. The buyer must know how to design the premises where the deals are sold, as well as what documents are needed, the requirements for temporary storage of goods in the warehouse. He has to know the laws and all the regulations that work in the Russian Federation and within the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as expert knowledge," said the expert.

Elena Raikova drew attention to the problem of training specialists, pointing out that there are courses, master classes, case studies and a master's programme - distance learning for two years - to acquire new, fresh knowledge.

At the end of the workshop, moderator Svetlana Kostenko stressed: "Our meeting aims not only to invite you to our courses, but also to discuss what problems you as buyers have, what ways you see of solving them and how the short education we organise can help".

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO