What you need to know about children's shoes

24 / 02 / 2022

The Master class on How to Sell Children's Shoes was held by Expo-Academy within the conference programme of CJF Child and Junior Fashion 2022. Spring.

Svetlana Dolzhenko, an expert in selling children's and teenage shoes and in staff training, the founder of the retail project "Shoes by the Rules" spoke about what the modern buyer of children's shoes needs. And above all, in her opinion, it is expert advice from salespeople.

If parents are properly explained to them what shoes their child should buy, there will be fewer returns and less dissatisfied customers, and consequently, revenues from the trade will grow.

Svetlana Dolzhenko gave the audience practical advice on how to run a children's shoe shop, what knowledge salespeople should have and what they need to know about children's feet. 

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO