Suppliers and customers of childrens goods meet at a trade forum

27 / 09 / 2022

Today, the 23rd Russian Trade Forum for Childrens Goods Suppliers opened within the Mir Detstva 2022 exhibition. The event is organised by KVK Imperia and EXPOCENTRE AO.

The aim of the Forum is to give suppliers the necessary facts to look around, analyse the circumstances and determine a course of action in times of crisis. And, of course, a special place in the programme is occupied by the elaboration of alternative market scenarios - the so-called Plan B (in the event of a worsening economic situation).

Over the two days, more than 100 Forum participants will take part in the Forum's extensive programme of analytics, case studies, discussions and round tables. Renowned financial analyst and economist Vladimir Levchenko will address the audience and provide expertise on how to manage personal and corporate finances in the current turbulent period.

On the second day, the Purchasing Centre for Retail Chains will be open. More than 40 chains will sit down at the table to expand their range.

In conjunction with the Forum, Congress and Exhibition Company Imperia and EXPOCENTRE AO have organised the Retail Chains Centre. This is a unique format of the event, which aims to increase the convenience and comfort of retail chain representatives at the exhibition.

Over 10 workshops, seminars and panels will be held during 3 days for the representatives of childrens retail chains.

Registration in the Retail Chains Centre

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO