In the focus of attention: visual merchandising trends of childrens clothing

28 / 09 / 2022

For those interested in the success of children's clothing retail sales, the Workshop on the Specifics of Visual Merchandising for Children's Clothing was useful. The event, organised by Fashion Consulting Group, took place within the conference programme of CJF Child and Junior Fashion 2022. Autumn.

Natalia Chinenova, a leading expert in business technology in retail Fashion Consulting Group, shared her experience in the competent organisation of commercial space and effective presentation of the goods in her presentation.

The expert focused on how to present goods to the visitors of a clothing shop, how to attract attention to a particular product, and how to make sure that they buy more than they planned to. Answers to these questions are given by visual merchandising, the secrets of which are simple and available to anyone wishing to make their sales outlet memorable and convenient for customers.

"Visual merchandising is a tool that helps you sell with minimum engagement of a salesperson. The customer has to see, want and buy, the speaker noted, and highlighted the 10 components of visual merchandising: zoning, shop equipment, lighting, colouring and design of the sales floor and more. All visual merchandising is measured by incremental sales. Correctly presented merchandise increases turnover by almost three times.

To understand how visual merchandising works, it is necessary to know its basic laws, the application of which will help to create an attractive and shopping-friendly atmosphere in the shop. The main laws of visual merchandising, according to the speaker, are the law of 5 points (visual perception of goods), the law of grouping, the law of figure and background, the law of shifting attention, the law of light, the law of eye level, the law of price perception.

Natalia Chinenova also spoke about the rules of childrens clothing presentation and the logic of trade floor zoning.

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