How can a children's shop enter marketplaces?

29 / 09 / 2022

The Forum on Entering Children's Shops on Marketplaces in the New Reality. Prospects and Pitfalls tool place within the conference programme of Mir Detstva 2022 and CJF Child and Junior Fashion 2022. Autumn.

According to retail and e-commerce expert Anton Larin, co-founder of XWAY, over the past year, the volume of online orders for children's goods on marketplaces has increased by 78%.

The entire e-commerce market in Russia was worth 1.5 trillion roubles in 2021, with over 1 billion online orders with an average bill of 1,420 roubles. Children's goods accounted for 215 billion roubles and 201 million online orders with an average bill of 1,070 roubles.

Marketplaces have now become complex ecosystems, said Anton Larin. The products on them are no longer sold on their own. The high competition requires sellers to take many factors into account.

According to Elena Pismenskaya, an expert in the creation and development of children's clothing brands, Wildberries accounts for around 90% of all children's clothing sales on marketplaces. Speaking about the difficulties of development on Wildberries, she noted that for the last year the website had added about 1 million 400 thousand new product cards. At the same time the number of goods without sales is growing. For example, of all the cards in the children's clothing category, only 34% are sold, i.e. have orders.

This is why it is important to consider the specifics of online commerce for this particular category of goods. For example, when moving from the retail system to marketplaces, the structure of the product range changes considerably. The assortment is reduced, there is a focus on certain product categories and every clothing season has to be represented. A widely presented and clear size range is also a prerequisite for successful sales.

The experts gave practical advice and case studies on the main factors for successful sales, such as working with content, technology for creating sales cards, assortment, pricing policy, and logistical schemes for working with marketplaces.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO