How to increase sales volume in a store

22 / 02 / 2023

A Workshop on Organising the Sales Floor of a Children's Shop as a Tool for Attracting Customers and Increasing Sales was held within CJF Child and Junior Fashion 2023. Spring. The event was organised by EXPOCENTRE AO in partnership with Fashion Consulting Group. 

Viktor Malygin, Head of educational programmes of Fashion Consulting Group, was the speaker at the event. In the course of the workshop the participants discussed the peculiarities of organisation of the sales area, taking into account its capacity, consumer behaviour and the correct allocation of areas within the shop. 

Trends play an important role in structuring retail space. As Viktor Malygin points out, it is now fashionable to mix several styles in the shop interior, as well as to use pastel colours and live plants. "Domestication is when elements are added to turn your retail space into more than just a place to sell and shop. You need to make the shopper feel a little more relaxed, feel at home," says the expert. Despite the trend towards 'domestication', asceticism and tidiness prevail, and the interior has to be austere. 

The workshop focused on sales planning on three main parameters, such as: shop footfall, salesperson tact (how many sales a salesperson makes per hour) and salesroom capacity. "Based on the sales force's tact and number of sales, you can initially estimate your sales plan for the month. Accordingly, if the sales staff do not comply with the sales tact that you can prescribe in the job description, then you can dismiss this person with good reason," explains Viktor Malygin.

As the speaker clarified, the capacity of a sales area is its occupancy divided by two. It is also possible to calculate planning by this parameter. As a rule, the capacity of shops depends directly on the price category of the brand. Mass-market stores always have a higher capacity. For successful sales, space also plays a role. From an expert's point of view, the most profitable option is a rectangular space. 

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO