Tendencies and trends of childrens clothing for spring/summer 2023

23 / 02 / 2023

The final day of the international exhibition CJF Child and Junior Fashion 2023. Spring began with a discussion of trends and tendencies in children's fashion for the upcoming spring/summer 2023 season.

Yulia Karagodina, a professional designer, analyst, expert in creating commercial collections in fashion business, in her speech emphasized the main points to which manufacturers of children's clothing should pay attention.

The expert noted that the formation of trends in children's fashion, unlike in adult fashion, is greatly influenced by external factors, such as opinion leaders in social networks, cartoons, films, characters, etc. The ability to react quickly to such situational factors helps to stay relevant and fashionable for their consumers.

During the workshop, Julia Karagodina looked at the upcoming season's trends in detail and demonstrated current styles of children's clothing for boys and girls in her presentation, as well as focusing on a discussion of colour trends and the use of prints.

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