Post Show Report Mir Detstva 2018

16 / 10 / 2018

24th International Exhibition for the Children's Industry

Mir Detstva is the main trade show in the industry of goods and services for children and teenagers in Russia and Eastern Europe. For over 20 years the show has promoted safe and affordable products of high quality for Russian children.  

Mir Detstva 2018 ran in parallel with CJF Child and Junior Fashion 2018. Autumn.  

Dates:  2528 September 2018

Venue: Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia  

Organized by Expocentre AO         

Supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade

Under auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Exhibitors: 697   

Countries: 30

Product sectors:  

Goods for newborns and infants (occupied the whole Pavilion No.7). Games, toys, hobby supplies. Everything for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Creativity and design, stationery. Licensed goods for children. Supplementary education for children. Children's furniture, furniture and equipment for preschools. Sports equipment and facilities, multifunctional equipment for playgrounds

Participating companies:

Foreign: Adamex, BabyBjorn, Balu, Cam Il Mondo Del Bambino, Cybex, Graco, Hansa Creation, Happy Baby, Recaro, Schleich, Peg-Perego, Pigeon, etc.

Russian: Azbookvarik, Bauer, Bytplast, Vesna, Zvezda, Fabrika Detstva, Krasnaya Zvezda, Nordplast, Rosman, Russkiy Still, Ryzhiy Kot, Stellar, Hatber-M, etc.

We would like to thank the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Association of Children's Goods Industry Enterprises, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the Russian Animation Film Association, the OLYMP Association, our partners of supporting events, as well as the shows industry partner RDT-INFO.RU, and the general media partner Beremennost& Magazine (Pregnancy&Labour).

The next 25th anniversary edition of Mir Detstva will run at Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia, on September 2427, 2019.

Show Highlights

  • The group stand of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade accommodated 15 Russian companies which showed their latest R&Ds.  

  • This year the most fascinating event of the show was the 19th edition of the Moscow International Festival of Balloons organized by Europa Uno Trade ZAO with support of Expocentre AO. Thirty-four professional teams from Russia, Belarus, Italy, Malaysia and Ukraine as well as combined teams took part in the festival's competition. The festival also featured competitions, workshops, lectures, master classes and showcases.

  • The Business Assistance expert and consultation centre offered consultations on customs processing and clearance, HR, business support and vacancy opportunities.

  • The Media centre was working for journalists of sectoral and professional media. A press tour visited the most interesting areas of the exhibition, saw new products and met heads of various companies.

Key Supporting Events

  • The Congress of the Children's Goods Industry 2018 was organized by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade with assistance of Expocentre AO. This year the main topic was digitalization of the children's industry. The panel discussion on integration of children with disabilities in today's society raised some very important questions including how digitalization helps these children to take part in social activities. The panel participants talked about creation of special games, toys, software and devices to integrate children with disabilities in education systems. The congress was closed with the Plenary Meeting on the Development Strategy for the Children's Industry 2030: Developing New Quality of Goods and Services for Children.

  • The award ceremony for the top rating "Made for Childhood" was held by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade to support Russian manufacturers. The winners were enterprises from Moscow, the Moscow region, Saint-Petersburg, Yaroslavl and Chelyabinsk.  Awards from the organisers and their partners were also given to winners in the Innovations for Childhood and The 100 Toys of the Century competitions. The winners included Russia's oldest enterprises, private collectors and companies.

  • One of the main events of the program was the 15th Russian Trade Forum for Children's Goods Suppliers with the Purchasing Centre for Retail Chains. The events were organized by Imperia and Expocentre AO. The purchasing centre brought together more than 80 buyers of more than 40 retailers and online shops.  

  • The show's new project, Licensing Marketplace, was a great success. It was organized by Imperia and Expocentre AO. It was part of the 2nd Russian Business Forum on the Market of Licensed Goods for Children. Its programme included more than 30 workshops, master classes and case studies for manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers both visiting and exhibiting and interested in licensing. One of the events was the Analytical Session on the Russian Market of Licensed Goods for Children 2019: Trends, Points of Growth, Sales Rankin of Licensed Products. It generated a great interest among industry professionals.

  • The Visiting Meeting of the Russian Federal Service for Accreditation (RusAccreditation) covered accreditation and certification of goods for children. Head of RusAccreditation Aleksey Khersontsev talked about plans to increase requirements for certification bodies and testing laboratories working in the field of certification of goods for children.  

  • The Session on the Russian Animation Industry: Trends, Projects, Successful Licensing Deals. How Can a Manufacturer of Children's Goods Find the Right Brand and Make Money Off It drew a lot of attention. The event was opened with a report on trends in the licensing industry from IPSOS COMCON. Director of the Russian Animation Film Association Irina Mastusova talked about government support in the sector of licensing and animation. Other speakers were toy manufacturers who already work with animation brands such as Gulliver, Sweet Club, Egmont and others. The discussed topics included the most relevant licensing issues, how to not get lost in the licensing market, fight counterfeit products, work with official licenses, etc. The second part of the programme featured presentations of new animation projects with great licensing potential. Representatives of Parovoz, Soyuzmultfilm, Riki Group, 100 kwt, Wizart, Kolobanga, X-media digital and other studios talked about their new cartoons which are in post-production now.  

  • The 12th Russian Forum of Model Makers was organised by ICM OOO with support of Expocentre AO. It is the only event related to this field in Russia.  

  • Expocentre and Between2countries organised the 2nd Forum on Russia-China: New Opportunities for Sustainable Business Development.  

  • The Conference on Secrets of Increasing Online Sales of Children's Goods was concluded with an award ceremony of the competition for the best website and online shop. The winners were and

  • The events of the Day of Supplementary Education were a success. The organisers were the Federal Institute of Education Development, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the Yasam Network of Early Childhood Development.

  • The Business Start project was held by the Woman Business Centre state agency, Small Business of Moscow state agency, and Opora Russia with support of the Moscow City Department of Labour and Social Protection, and Expocentre AO.  The event was intended to support small and micro business enterprises.

  • The projects Expo-Academy and Expocentre for Counterfeit-Free Exhibitions were a success.

  • The first qualifying round of the 9th Golden Bear National Award for goods and services for children was held within the trade show. Certificates on competence in the marketing in the children's industry were handed to the first graduates of the School of Business in the Children's Industry organised by the National Association of Russian Toy Makers, the Association of Children's Goods Industry Enterprises with support of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and Expocentre AO.  

  • Soyuzexpertiza of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry) held a traditional international competition of goods for children and teenagers in two nominations "For the Best Consumer Properties" and "For Successful Promotion of High Quality Goods". The expert commission named the winners, who received certificates and medals.

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You can find the feedback of the exhibitors and visitors to Mir Detstva 2018 here>>.         

Gulnaz Kadyrova, Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade

"Mir Detstva has become a very respected platform. We see it as a place to meet fellow professionals. It definitely delivers. We love Expocentre because it always feels professional here. The increase in the number of exhibitors and exhibits shows that our colleagues like to come here, work here, exchange opinions and discuss problems facing this industry."

Anna Kuznetsova, Russian Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights

"There is a wonderful atmosphere of childhood here. But it is very important to see problems facing the industry behind all this beauty and fun. It is a great platform to not only talk about them but also search for solutions for such issues as, for instance, the lack of content for teenagers."  

Vladimir Dmitriev, Vice President of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

"In this country Russian manufacturers compete with foreign ones. We make products of high quality. Our export is growing. Russian manufacturers have started entering foreign markets."

Sergey Bednov, Director General of Expocentre AO

"It's not an accident that Mir Detstva is named Russia's best trade show of 2016-2017 in the category of goods for children by the Russian National Exhibition Rating. This show brings together the industry's leading companies which demonstrate the latest accomplishments and set the trends."


Press Service, Expocentre AO