Post Show Report CJF Child and Junior Fashion 2020

06 / 03 / 2020

24th edition of the CJF International Exhibition for Child and Junior Fashion, Maternity Wear

CJF Child and Junior Fashion is a special professional event in the world of childrens fashion. CJF targets buyers, manufactures, suppliers and designers of clothes, footwear and accessories for children and pregnant women. Twice a year the show demonstrates new collections and unique products, and sets trends for the coming season.  

Dates: 2427 February 2020

Venue: EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia  

Organised by EXPOCENTRE AO

Supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade  

Under auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Exhibition area: about 8,000 sq m

Exhibitors: 336 companies  

Countries: 26  

Foreign exhibitors: Antony Morato junior, Bartek, Boboli, I DO, Kuoma, Losan, Luhta, Mayoral, Monta junior, Pablosky, Primigi, Sterntaler, Viking, etc.

Russian exhibitors: Choupette, Crossway, Dan&Dani, Desty, Gakkard, GNK, Letty, Noble People, Oldos, Piccino Bellino, Platin, Silver Spoon, Batik, Kotofey, Malenkaya Ledi, Smena, Fantazeri, etc.

Newcomers: Sneg Idet, Bask Kids, BODO, DNK, Loloclo, MOLO, Nordman, Owli, RttKids, Talvi, Tiflani, etc.

Product sectors: clothes for children, footwear for children, accessories for children, clothes for pregnant women, fashion and design, the School Uniforms and CJF Shoes salons

Show highlights

The Choice of Young Champions fashion show was organised by the VMODE MAGAZINE, the Pelageya Gymnastics Center, the Patriot Sports and Patriotic Club, the Royal Models Agency modeling school, and EXPOCENTRE AO. The show's visionaries are Ph.D. in Political Science, international master of sports, world aesthetic gymnastics champion, multiple winner of international and Russian rhythmic and aesthetic gymnastics competitions, judge of rhythmic gymnastics competitions Polina Gruzdeva, international master of sports, three-time rhythmic gymnastics champion of Russia, Universiade winner, senior trainer of the Pelageya gymnastics center Kristina Drozhzhina, hand-to-hand fighting champion of Russia, winner of international and Russian boxing and army fighting tournaments, executive director of the Patriot club, and army fighting and mixed martial arts coach Rinat Ibragimov, and VMODE MAGAZINE Art Director Yulia Permyakova. The show's participants included singer and TV anchor Dayana Brut. Young singer Ksyusha Antonova sang a song 'VMODE'. The shown clothes were made by MONTA Juniors, BIGSER, Bask, Piccino Bellino, Rock & Mouse, Molo, VeronicaiKo and UNIKKIDS. Watch the video>>.

The CJF. Children's Catwalk, organised by PROfashion Media Agency, once again became the most spectacular and interesting event of the exhibition. It brought together leading players of the children's fashion industry, including RttKids, Ritta Romani, Malenkaya Ledi, Smena and Yunye Fantazery.

Practical Fashion Solution organised trend tours with the main topic of how to select your store's assortment for your target audience. Stylist, imagemaker and image coach of Practical Fashion Solution Astanda Chegia guided the tours. The participants learned how to increase sales of childrens goods taking into account psychology of parents, children, customers and salespersons. 

The Expocentre for Counterfeit-Free Exhibitions continued to provide consultations and clarifications regarding intellectual property, which help to minimize the number of counterfeit products showcased at trade shows.

Supporting events

The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Expert and Educational Centre for Assistance to Prospective and Current Parents "Parents' Choice" with support of EXPOCENTRE AO organised  an important panel on problems and opportunities, with participation of experts, manufacturers and distributors of children's products, and panel on promotion of Russian manufacturers within the Decade of Childhood programme. Participants included representatives of the Russian Quality System (Roskachestvo), the Moscow Export Center, and the Innovation Centre of the Textile and Garment Industry.  

The programme's centerpiece is events organised by Imperia KVK and EXPOCENTRE AO. The key event was the 18th edition of the Russian Trade Forum on the Children's Market with the Purchasing Center of Retail Chains. This year more than 50 buyers from 20+ retail chains and major online stores came to the Purchasing Centre for Retail Chains to hold direct talks.

A series of workshops Licensing Marketplace and Centre of Retail Chains were held for buyers, suppliers and manufacturers of goods for children. 

Expert of the Moscow Export Center Valeria Kiselevskaya took part in a workshop on Moscow's export: the support system for Moscow exporters. Moscow-based companies can use 100% financing of their participation in trade shows at group stands "Made in Moscow", which will help them to enter both domestic and foreign markets.

The Conference on Secrets of Increasing Online Sales of Children's Goods was organised by the International Fashion Platform "Modniy magazin" with support of EXPOCENTRE AO.  

A workshop on specifics of certification and labeling of goods and garments for children was organised by the International Association "Anti-Counterfeit", the Association of Technical Regulations, and EXPOCENTRE AO. The main topics were the examination of acceptance of goods, works and services under state and municipal contracts, the labelling and traceability system as an effective tool to protect the legal turnover of products, the compulsory labelling system for goods, the compliance assessment as a way to ensure the safety of children, children's products that are prone to being copied: success or threat. An advisory centre on goods labelling was open for exhibitors on all exhibition days.  

The CJF Blogger Day, organised by the OLYMPX digital agency and EXPOCENTRE AO, generated a lot of interest. The event started with debates on the promotion of children's brands on Instagram, blogs, and social media. Bloggers and brand founders with profuse experience in the promotion of children's clothes took part in the discussion. They shared secrets of the successful interaction with the target audience and the efficient work with bloggers, and highlighted specifics of e-commerce on the social media. The Day also featured the interactive Battle of Bloggers vs Marketing Professionals. The competition revealed bloggers' idea of cooperation with brands and brands' idea of cooperation with bloggers. The most pressing aspects of cooperation were discussed in the informal atmosphere. The sides brought up sensitive subjects and unusual situations that occur in relations between brands and bloggers. The event evoked keen interest and drew a significant number of bloggers and domestic manufacturers of children's clothes. Watch the video>>. 

Expo-Academy workshops held at the Childrens Catwalk deserved special attention:

  • Marketplaces: a Modern Development Opportunity for a Small Brand
  • Commercial Fashion Trends 20202021: What Benefits Will Consumers Appreciate?
  • The Latest Trends of Management and Employee Engagement
  • The Most Popular Niches for Consumers. Where to Grow Your Business?
  • Retail of the Future: What Can a Small Business Expect with the Development of Internet Technologies? Successful Cases. What to Take on Board?
  • Mandatory Labeling: How Not to Lose and Not Get Lost in the New Conditions

Fashion Consulting Group co-organised a workshop on new retail technologies. How does the buying experience change?, a workshop on how to win a fight for a business. Successful management strategies for a children's store, and a workshop on how to plan your assortment for a season: methods, calculations and life hacks. An interactive master class of Sergey Lelikov: how to create an effective children's brand in the children's fashion industry was very popular among the CJF participants and visitors. It was organised by the BRANDEFFECT International School of Practical Branding jointly with EXPOCENTRE AO.  

You can find more information in the CJF video diary and website at

To see exhibitor and visitor feedback, go here>>.

EXPOCENTRE would like to express special gratitude to all exhibitors and participants in supporting events, as well as the exhibition's General Internet Partner RDT-INFO.RU and all media partners for their support.

The next 25th anniversary edition of CJF Child and Junior Fashion will run from 22 through 25 September 2020 at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow. 

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