Post-release CJF- Child and Junior Fashion2010. Autumn

22 / 10 / 2010

Child and Junior Fashion2010. Autumn, the 5th International Exhibition for Child and Junior Fashion; Maternity Wear was held on September 28- October 1, 2010 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds.  The show was organized by Expocentre. 

The CJF Child and Junior Fashion Exhibition approved with a label of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF) in 2009 is successfully developing. It meets the requirements of the rapidly expanding children fashion industry. Starting from 2010 CJF is to be held twice a year, in February and September.  

The Autumn Exhibition gathered 148 participants from 13 countries that included Belarus, China, Estonia, Greece, Korea, the Netherland, Poland, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, Sweden, Ukraine and the USA.  

The Show displayed famous brands and new collections of childrens clothing and footwear, accessories for children; clothes for pregnant women on the total area of 6 720 sq. meters.

Such renowned companies as Amadeo, Detsky Stil, Bembi-Way, Zep-Style, Nevsky Alliance, Malenky Princ, Mirmax-M, Kidssmile, Nakhalyonok, rby, rn, Luhta, Huppa, Didriksons 1913 and other ones demonstrated their design collections.   

Within the bounds of the CJF2010 Autumn Show a saturated programme of business-related events was organized. The programme comprised research-and-practical, business and entertainment arrangements relating to problems of the child and junior fashion market.  

During three days large scale shows of children fashion attracted hundreds of specialists and mass media representatives.     

A show of the Spring-Summer2011 collections of the Disney children clothes was held on October 28 - 29, 2010.   

Collections of such companies as Malenky Princ, Born, psy Daysi, Domovyonok, Timole, Korri, De Salitto, Atti-Detti, Trikotazh-Zhakkard and many others were demonstrated at the Childrens Podium within first three days of the Exhibition.    

On October 1 a charity contest for young designers Fashion KIDS 2010 was arranged with the purpose of helping young designers to promote and realize their creative ability and to popularize children fashion.  Six young designers at the age of 15 - 30 years including Yena, Zvana, Stesha and others took part in the Fashion KIDS 2010 Contest.

A theatrical show of balloon dresses was organized by Children Creative Center Moscow Dreams, Europe Uno Trade Company and Expocentre. 

CJF2010 was attended by over 11 000 people; 76% of which were specialists of the industry. The total attendance amounted to 12 740 visitors. Guests and visitors of the Show appreciated recent developments of the children fashion industry at its true value. Thanks to the Exhibition saturated business-related programme of events they could familiarize themselves with new business solutions, innovations and know-how of the children goods fashion industry.    

You are welcome to CJF- Child and Junior Fashion2011. Spring, the 6th International Exhibition. The Show will take place on February 21 24, 2011 at the Expocentre Fairgrounds.