28 / 02 / 2019

Feedback from the CJF 2019 exhibitors and visitors

Вячеслав Зайцев, всемирно известный российский художник-модельер

Vyacheslav Zaitsev, internationally known Russian designer:

"I love this trade show. I believe it is one of the most interesting trade shows in the fashion industry. It has always been successful for me. I have taken the risk and made a children's collection. It is presented in an interesting way here. There are pret-a-porter models. The trade show is nicely-designed. I wish great success to the people who work here."


Эдгар Давидс, легенда голландского футбола, идеолог детского бренда одежды Monta Juniors by Edgar Davids
Edgar Davids, legendary Dutch footballer and ideologist of the children's clothing brand Monta Juniors by Edgar Davids:

"This trade show is a good opportunity to present my brand and my vision of sportswear, and to see Moscow. I want children to take an interest in football in a very young age, so that they see life through football and enjoy it. Our collection is made of durable materials. Our clothes can be worn to play football every day. The exhibition is cozy. I think everything will be fine."


Татьяна Щетинина, чемпионка Европы по самбо и дзюдо, начальник сборных команд России по сумо

Tatiana Shchetinina, European Sambo and Judo Champion, Russian sumo team head:

"This is not my first time at the CJF – Child and Junior Fashion exhibition at Expocentre. I welcome the appearance of new Russian brands and new clothes designed by Russian manufacturers. Every time new products, innovations, beauty, and art of designers amaze me. I am happy to be here. What we have seen at the preservation of children's sportswear today is great. This is the wind of change we need. Our children need clothes they could wear for workout, and these clothes must be comfortable and beautiful. We have seen them here today. The trade show and presentations of the kind help us, consumers, choose right from a great variety of children's clothes available in the market."


Наталия Ващило, советник Посольства Республики Беларусь
Natalia Vashchilo, Counsellor at the Belarusian Embassy to Russia:

"This event could not have passed unnoticed considering that it presents interesting products for children. I am happy to say that our Belarusian producers are represented here, too.

It is hard to overestimate the significance of such events as this exhibition. The worst thing that could happen to a manufacturer is 'to stew in one's own juice' and believe that you are the best. Such exhibitions show that there is still room for improvement, that there are rivals hot on your heels, and that one should develop and exchange ideas. This is the best place to do so.

I wish further development to the exhibition. An amazing team of enthusiasts who love what they do is working here. The sky is the limit for Expocentre employees."


Евгения Трунилина, руководитель отдела развития ООО «Левел-Про»
Yevgenia Trunilina, Level Pro Kids Development Department Head:

"Our company makes children's headwear and participates in this exhibition for the sixth year. It helps us find new wholesale buyers and clients. We are designing new collections. We are glad we have made a collection for boys. It is very popular. All of our products are hand-made that is our main advantage. We are attentive to textile, accessories, and models which are new to the market. Businessmen and people visiting CJF want to choose something special, stylish, and beautiful for children.

Expocentre is a venue where we meet year after year and make new partners and friends. Expocentre is also a wonderful team that meets our needs halfway."


Лев Мендеев, ведущий менеджер Торговой марки «ПЛАТИН»
Lev Mendeyev, PLATIN Trade Mark Senior Manager:

"This is our third trade show. We decided to participate after the previous exhibition because its results were imminent. CJF is a perfect chance to present ourselves, see our clients, meet them face-to-face, and listen to their wishes. It is one thing to speak with a client on the phone or communicate via email. Personal communication is priceless. You have to try it to understand what it means.

Our stand was visited by loyal clients who had been working with us for two or three years and who started working with us after last year's show. New clients approached us, as well. The ranks of our loyal clients are growing year upon year.

We deem CJF to be a 100% instrument promoting our products, ideology and vision. The trade show helps us a lot. We are grateful to the organizers. We are totally happy with the way CJF is organised. We had an experience of participation in similar events before. But CJF gives us better service and a friendly relationship with the administration.

It is my personal opinion and, to my mind, the personal opinion of the absolute majority of the people who come here year after year that Expocentre is a key venue in Russia or even in whole Europe. It is visited by representatives of many countries of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia …  I think they also view it as a key venue in this part of the world."


Анна Орлова, представитель PETIT ALO в России и странах СНГ
Anna Orlova, PETIT ALO representative in Russia and CIS countries:

"This is our first time at the exhibition. We heard a lot about it and it attracted our attention a long time ago. We have received full information and are fully satisfied with it. Considering that this is our first visit, we have decided to participate in a fashion show to present ourselves better, and the show is entirely to our satisfaction. It attracts a big audience, and many people come to our stand after it. We are really happy with the results. There is a lot of interest in our brand. We have not expected to get so many Russian and foreign clients.

We are also pleased with good management of the trade show. Everything we have written about and agreed upon has been taken into account up to the smallest detail. There is no doubt we will partake in the next edition.”


Николай Исаев, бизнес-тренер АО «Егорьевск-обувь» (торговая марка «Котофей»)
Nikolai Isayev, Business Coach of Yegoryevsk Obuv (Kotofei trade mark):

"This is the third time we have participated in the trade show. CJF is good for our image and attraction of new clients. We present a new collection of children's footwear and supplementary goods. The trade show has been successful. Our stand has been visited by clients from various regions. The exhibition brings us new orders and generates revenue.”


Светлана Рогова, менеджер по продажам ООО «МИРтекс»
Svetlana Rogova, MIRtex Sales Manager:

"We are a newcomer. We present textile fabric at the trade show. Our stand has been visited by many representatives of the companies from various parts of Russia. Most of them showed interest in cooperation. Our potential clients display their products at the CJF exhibition.

We like the way the exhibition is organised, its representative level and diversity of demonstrated goods. We plan to continue our participation in CJF editions."


Анна Хлапова, бренд-менеджер CITY STILS

Anna Khlapova, CITY STILS Brand Manager:

"The trade show has been successful for us. We keep signing contracts non-stop. We are hoping for further influx of clients. We have seen lots of representatives of Belarus, Kazakhstan, and even distant regions of Russia, including Kamchatka, and, certainly, Moscow.  In the end, we covered practically entire Russia and the CIS.

Expocentre perfectly accomplishes its mission considering the incessant flow of visitors. It testifies to well-organised marketing and advertising process. We are grateful to the organisers."


Press Service, Expocentre AO




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