National School Uniform Standard to be approved
The round table on Development of the National Standard of School Uniform took place at the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade: experts from the industry enterprises, federal authorities, the Education Department, and R&D institutes took part in it.

Unona brings happiness to young princesses
Unona, under its own brand name Unana Dart®, has been creating elegant dresses for girls for all party occasions over 20 years. They actually know everything about elegant dresses for girls at the Unona factory.

Atrie opens first corner shop
Artie®, a Russian brand, has opened its first corner shop in the Columbus Moscow Trade Centre. The brand has recently started manufacturing clothes for new born babies.

HUPPA launches clothes line-up for parents
Now we can definitely state that HUPPA® became a family brand. Quality became the main advantage of the products. The fabrics used for the HUPPA® collections are water-repellent, breathable, and wind-stopping.

Gamma produced The Three Cats franchise panty hose collection
Gamma OAO, the exclusive licensed manufacturer of socks and panty hose of The Three Cats® in Russia, has produced a line-up under this license. The product range includes cotton panty hose and socks for boys and girls decorated by the characters from the cartoon: Korzhik, Karamelka and Kompot.

Choupette renovates retail concept
Choupette®, a Russian brand of clothes for children, has presented their new retail concept. The first mono-brand shop of Choupette® was opened in the city of Kazan on the 1st of December.

Prato Di Fiori recognized leader among St Petersburg companies
Prato di fiori entered the top five best multi-brand retailers of clothes for children in Russia according to PROFashion Awards, independent professional awards in the fashion industry.

FIRST STEPS will help with merchandising
FIRST STEPS, a distributor of major brands in Russia and the CIS, has launched a new service called merchandising. The childrens goods industry has become a priority sphere for this service.

SMART produced 3D puzzles with FC Spartak brand marks
The new products are made of foam board. The puzzles combine all in one: a construction set, a gift, and a collectors item. It is easy to assemble: no scissors, no glue or any other tools are necessary, and it is supplied with a clear instruction manual.

Anna Balandina: New Year shop window fairy like a Christmas tree
On the holidays eve, Anna Balandina, our permanent expert in visual merchandising and store design, the founder of VM Guru Agency (, speaks about her impressions of the New Year's shop windows.

Elena Pismenskaya: look for new approach and unconventional solutions
Kids Fashion Retail Agency, a permanent partner of our exhibition, will carry out three workshop sessions on how to find internal reserves to increase work efficiency within the supporting program of the exhibition. We asked Elena Pismenskaya, the General Director of Kids Fashion Retail Agency, to evaluate the results of the year and share her forecast for 2019.

Exhibition Life
Sergei Motyshen: Bossa Nova is a popular and favorite brand
A stylish and recognizable design of Bossa Nova is focused on the customers who are familiar with the childrens fashion and who prefer the products made of natural cotton. Bossa Nova meets expectations of the most demanding customers. Sergei Motyshen, General Director of Bossa Nova, shared his view on the results of the year and told about his plans.

Gulliver celebrates New Year
Gulliver, a Russian brand of clothes for children, has presented Frost-Dew, a new holiday clothes collection. It composes elegant images for young fashionmongers from two to fifteen years of age.

Children's catwalk
Best Toys for 2019 New Year party: what are they?
What presents should we put under the Christmas tree for a child? All the parents have their own approach to this task. At the same time, there are common trends followed by little consumers even more carefully than their parents do. At Mir Detstva 2018, Irina Sedova, Business Development Director of NPD Group Russia, told us about the top products of 2018 and about the trends for 2019.