Mir Detstva exhibition prepares to celebrate the anniversary!
The Mir Detstva exhibition will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in September 2019: the best manufacturers and distributors of the goods for children will get together in spacious halls of the main exhibition centre of our country.

Stellar: a coeval of the exhibition celebrates its anniversary
Stellar, a coeval of our exhibition, also celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Today, Stellar is among the top three domestic leaders in the production of plastic toys. The product range of toys manufactured by the company contains more than 450 articles.

Polesie to build a factory in Russia
Polesie, a company from Belarus, will launch construction of a new full-cycle production facility in Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk Region, in summer this year. On the eve of this event, the company organised a big celebration on the Children's Day with a playground area for the youngest visitors.

A retail chain selling school uniform to open in Krasnodar
A specialised chain of retail stores selling school uniform is planned to open in Krasnodar. The stores will feature clothes only from local manufacturers, the press service of the regional administration reports.

City museum presents the Kotofey brand history
The Kotofey Lives Here exhibition dedicated to the history of Kotofey, a popular brand of children's shoes, will take place in the Egorievsk History and Art Museum from May 18 - August 30.

Bunny Hill settled in Tsvetnoy
Bunny Hill, an exclusive Russian distributor of Maileg, a Danish brand of toys and accessories for children, opened its first retail store. It is located in Tsvetnoy Moscow department store.

Smart Celebrates Anniversary
Smart, a regular exhibitor of the Mir Detstva exhibition, celebrated its 15th birthday in April. Over the years, the company has grown significantly and today it is one of the leading distributors of toys in Russia.

Barbie received a prestigious award from American fashion designers
The Council of the Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) has declared awarding Barbie with CFDA, the Board of Directors Tribute 2019, having underlined a huge contribution it has made to the American culture and fashion over the 60 years.

Brazilian Pampili partners Choupette
Coupette, a Russian brand of clothes for children, has announced a new partnership with Pampili, a Brazilian manufacturer of footwear.

Approach China Marathon provides new data and technology to cooperate with China
Russia China International Forum: New Opportunities for Sustainable Growth of Business will take place for the third time within the supporting program of the Mir Detstva and CJF Child and Junior Fashion. Autumn international exhibitions. To prepared for the Forum, Expocentre AO and Between2countries have developed the Approach China Marathon program.

Exhibition Life
Astanda Chegia: a salesman of childrens clothing should be a stylist and a psychologist
Trends and Tendencies in the World of Childrens Clothing. Secrets of Successful Sales is the name of the trend tour which will take place in Pavilion No.3 at The Childrens Catwalk on September 25. Astanda Chegia, a stylist and an image-maker, the founder of Mental Stylistics, her own online school, will be conducting the trend tour.

Exhibition Life
Want to manage your business processes? Welcome to this workshop!
Project Alliance, the Association of Project Managers, will take part in the supporting events of the exhibition for the first time; the Association experts will hold a workshop on the management of the business processes.

Exhibition Life
Olga Pavlova: the Rubiks Cube is the toy of the epoch
PlayLab specialises in distribution of the world famous brands of educational games and puzzles. The company is proud of their product range of Rubiks, Recent Toys, Meffert's puzzles, Slinky springs, and Spirograph sets for painting patterns the brands that have a long history that have become classics of the toy world. We talked with Company CEO Olga Pavlova about how the world of puzzles, educational games, and toys is changing.

Irina Senchenko: Giraffiki: brand sensitive to customer sentiment
Nasha Igrushka has launched a number of own brands over 25 years of business experience; however, it is Giraffiki brand that became a recognizable face of the company. The brand has a well-thought-out product range, a modern stylish packaging, and a clear slogan While the baby is playing, the mother is relaxing. We talked with Irina Senchenko, Head of Branding & New Products Department of Nasha Igrushka, about the main components of success, and discussed how the brand had been doing under todays uneasy economic conditions.

Svyatoslav Sokirko: success at the exhibition from the first time
Sens Fashion is an example of how a family studio turned into a Russian brand of school uniform manufacturer. Since 2015, the company annually produces and sells about 100,000 high-quality products at an affordable price. Svyatoslav Sokirko, Director of the Tyumen branch of the company, who represented the brand at the exhibition, spoke in more detail about the collection, and about the plans of the company.

Elena Pismenskaya: rating of childrens clothing franchising
What kind of franchise to choose for a young entrepreneur? What brand will bring success and profit? A properly chosen franchise can be the beginning of a successful development of an entrepreneur in the market of children's clothing. Our expert Elena Pismenskaya, Kids Fashion Retail consulting agency General Director, shares her recommendations.

Kiwiland: excellence for children
Kiwiland became one of the participants of the latest season of CJF. Childrens Catwalk Project which was held in Moscow on February 25-27 within the 22nd CJF - Child and Junior Fashion 2019. Spring international exhibition.

Children's catwalk