Roskachestvo (Russian System of Quality) Named the Best Manufacturers of Down Coats for Children

Roskachestvo (Russian System of Quality) Named the Best Manufacturers of Down Coats for ChildrenRoskachestvo has carried out a test of autumn/winter clothes for preschool children. Sets of jackets and trousers were examined, public affairs service of the organization informed.

30 brands from Russia, China, Italy, Estonia and Finland took part in the test; the prices for the suits were from 3 to 12 thousand rubles. The items were checked by 20 quality and safety parameters, including capacity to keep warmth, durability, resistance to cloth friction, light reflection and water repellency.

According to the results of the test, 20 brands were considered safe and good quality. The suits of the Russian manufacturers ArctLand, Nikastyle and SHL became leaders, and also Chinese suits of Premont and Gusti brands. They comply not only with the up-to-date technical standards, but also with advanced standards of Roskachestvo, which is not yet obligatory. Now the Russian manufacturers can apply for the State Quality Mark.

“The absence of important additional details became the main disadvantage of the items which could not reach the high quality standards”, Roskachestvo Deputy Director Maria Sapuntsova says, “For example, there were no plackets which protect the child’s chin from the zip fastener, no wristbands, no light reflection elements. In some items we recognized lower durability in comparison with the other brands tested.” The durability test done by stretching the items was passed only by 19 samples, the others suffered from ripping of outside or inside seams. The friction test was done with an abrasive disc. A proper quality suit must stand 4,000 disc rotations. If we imagine a child sliding down an ice slope 20 meters long, he or she should be able to do it more than 100 times without damaging the suit. 21 samples passed the test, and the worst result was when the trousers were worn through after 1,318 disc rotations. In such a suit a child will be able to slide a slope 33 times maximum. 18 suits demonstrated almost 100% water repellency.

The test results demonstrated that suits produced by brands vuGGa, At Play, Crockid, Sweet Berry, Oldos, ArctLand, Reima, Huppa, Luhta, Salve, Kvartet, Nikastyle, Saima, Goodvin kids, Bilemi, Caimano, Fun Time and Gusti are close to be 100% water repellent. And they will keep their water repellent characteristics even after several washings.

High quality items: ArctLand, Gusti, Nikastyle, Premont, SHL

Good quality items: M Suzie, Alex Junis, At Play, Batik, Boom! By Orby, Crockid, Goodvin kids, Huppa, Kerry, Kvartet, Lassie, Luhta, MaZiMa, Oldos, Reima, Saima, Salve, SkyTec, Sweet Berry, vuGGa.