Huppa: This Brand’s Success Is Due to Traditions and Innovations

Huppa: This Brand’s Success Is Due to Traditions and Innovations A Finnish brand Huppa is well known in our country. Every new collection of the brand is a new fairy tale and new fashion trends.

Two collections are presented and produced every year: winter and spring-autumn. Every collection is divided into two main age groups: 0 to 4 years and 2 to 18 years. Huppa is an international enterprise which represents Scandinavian reliability, innovative approach and modern fashion. The history of the Huppa brand roots back to 1938 when a small sewing factory for garment manufacturing was opened. The Huppa brand emerged on the basis of this experienced manufacturing facility since the market needed good quality outdoor clothes for children.

Representative offices of the Huppa brand are located in Tallinn, Riga and Moscow.

The Huppa fans have been appreciating the design and the features of the brand products for a long time. All the items are distinguished by rich and vivacious colors and well tailored fine details that guarantee full comfort and safety in use: elastic rubber trouser and sleeve cuffs; trousers without inside seams; pin fastened easily detachable safe hood; hood with non-removable fur; light reflecting elements.

The company is devoted to the quality of the manufactured goods thus caring for their little customers and helping their parents’ tranquility. All Huppa goods correspond to the European quality standards. The European Union has acknowledged the Huppa products safe and ecological.