Grishko® Offers Christmas Discounts to Opera and Ballet Lovers

Grishko® Offers Christmas Discounts to Opera and Ballet LoversThe Grishko® brand is well known to dance and ballet lovers and to those who like healthy living in Russia and all over the world, that’s why a lot of people will be happy to hear about Christmas sale in the Grishko® brand shops.

The company’s factories produce theater and ballet costumes and shoes and all the necessary accessories for the stage performance which are, as we know, a big part of the artists’ and sportsmen’ life: theater practice clothes, warm-up suits, T-shirts, jump-suits, boiler-suits, different kinds of body stockings, belts and binders, etc. The Grishko® product line-up also includes a whole variety of accessories for all kinds of dances which harmonically finish a scenic image of actors and dancers, and it also includes a wide range of souvenirs and accessories.

Besides the above, Grishko® is well known with its stand-alone collection of trendy clothes for a large number of customers – younger people playing sports and yoga and simply those of an active life style. Today, the Grishko® product line-up counts more than 1,000 SKU range. The brand is very popular in more than 70 countries on different continents. Dozens of the world’s capitals have the Grishko® exclusive brand shops. The company manufactures mass products and offers custom tailored items, too.

Just one small fact, as fine as the Grishko® products: the Grishko® ballet toe shoes “remember” the form of the ballet dancer feet after the first ballet practice and become their “moulds”. So, when the ballet dancer puts the shoes on for the second time, the shoes fully follow the curves of the feet.