Kotofey Gathers Guests

Kotofey Gathers GuestsThe Kotofey® brand shop owners and distributors of this well-known brand of shoes for children visited the children shoe factory in Yegorievsk last week.

The guests placed pre-orders for the new autumn 2018 collection. Directors and managers of the Yegorievsk Obuv factory spoke before the visitors. At this meeting, the industry professionals discussed new loyalty program of Kotofey® and also the situation in the textile industry in Russia. They also reviewed the expiring year results and marked the ways of the future development. The guests shared their market data, reported which models became the leaders and the outsiders of the market, indicated which marketing actions had been successful in 2017. They noticed that the following categories became the sales leaders in the expiring year: gumshoes, canvas shoes and home shoes. They also discussed the forthcoming obligatory shoe marking. And a new collection of Kotofey® Guslitskie® Valenki for adults was presented, too.

Kotofey® is a brand with an 80 year history. Today, Kotofey® has annual production of three million pairs of good quality comfortable and beautiful shoes. The manufacture is located in three full cycle production sites in Russia: in Yegorievsk, Kursk, Zaraysk; and also in China, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina fully controlled by the company experts.

Each production site specializes in shoe manufacturing of certain types of fixture and size groups. Such specialization profiles provide optimal product cost and high quality of the shoes.