MaLek BaBy increases credit sales

MaLek BaBy increases credit salesMaLeK BaBy Group develops a clothing line with the same brand name. The company has revealed the last year’s results and the future development plans.

In 2017 the turnover and gross profit of MaLeK BaBy increased more than 100% in comparison to the previous year. The company management sees the main reason for this achievement in their new sales policy.

Specifically, MaLeK BaBy has introduced a new scheme of credit selling which allows the customers to actually obtain 120 days of free credit. Such a scheme allows more business options for retailers in crisis times. MaLeK BaBy will be using this sales tool further on as one of the intensive growth instruments in all regions of Russia.

The company is doing business using minimum of required documents for the check of its perspective partners. MaLeK BaBy plans to double the number of their retail partners in 2018.