Business Mama: How to Reach Success in Business and Happiness in Family Life.

Business Mama: How to Reach Success in Business and Happiness in Family Life.A seminar will be held on the 21st of February which will be interesting to all the ladies who combine career making and maternity. The speakers will be Irina Gimaltdinova, CEO, PRO Zhenshin Project Leader, and Ksenia Leri, the Head and the founder of Trendsquire trend bureau. Maria Gerasimenko will be the session moderator. She is a mother of two children and Fashion Advisers Agency General Director.

Hall 3, Children’s Catwalk.


As soon as a woman becomes a mother, her schedule, habits, wishes, and sometimes her look changes. Many women during these times meet depression and self-development crisis; they focus on children and often panic that there’ll happen nothing interesting in their lives until the children grow up. Only some of them during this period of life try to do business, and, as it is well known, the majority of such attempts are unsuccessful.

How to combine family, business and personal development? How not to give up in a difficult situation? How to change yourself and your mood?

Successful business-mamas will take part in the seminar; they will frankly share their experience.

The participants of the session will openly tell everything: about their work, about their personal life and about how to juggle with burning balls of business, family and self-development daily and to remain in harmony with yourself.

“When I was invited to participate in the new project named “Business Mama: How to Reach Success in Business and Happiness in Family Life”, I fully supported the idea, Maria Gerasimenko comments. “The project has just started, and I appreciate that I can contribute to this important issue. The project is dedicated to women who can succeed in many areas of their life and can combine unmatchable things. Now I have to help girls who’d like to be successful in several fields at the same time, and who meet some obstacles in this way: they can’t manage time, or they have internal barriers, or they have no business ideas, or they have difficulties of a start-up, or they have a difficult life situation. I also had to meet many obstacles: I had unlucky business projects, partners betrayed me, and I had loan agreements with small letters in the bottom of the page which I missed, and there have been crisis times that hit my business painfully. I had and I have now success in business, family happiness, a beloved husband and two beautiful daughters.”

Dear ladies, we are waiting for you at our seminar!