Children Retailers Choose Shopping Centers

Children Retailers Choose Shopping CentersAbout 50% of the turnover of the goods for children in Russia, or 606.6 billion rubles, accounts for specialized shops for children, according to RBC Markets Research.

The polls held by the company showed that 82.1% of Russians did shopping in such shops. It happens because of a wide product range of goods for children presented at one outlet, and because it is possible to have a professional advice and help of sales people. Attractive loyalty programs introduced by the majority of the children retailers also increase customers’ traffic in these shops.

The most popular product categories purchased in the shops of children are games and toys for skill development, clothes and footwear for children. 81% and 76.7% of the buyers of the above mentioned goods for children when choosing where to shop choose specialized retail outlets.

34.4% of specialized shops of children’s goods belong to street retail, the rest 65.6% work inside shopping centers. However, when selecting a preferred location, the retailers mainly choose not between shopping centers or street retail. They base their choice on analysis of the stores traffic and rent terms offered by landlords.

According to the experts of RBC Markets Research, shopping centers are preferable for children retail: the format of the shopping centers is focused on family shopping, including entertainment for children during the shopping time.