Hot Trends and Basic Product Range: Ksenia Leri’s Tour

Hot Trends and Basic Product Range: Ksenia Leri’s TourThe CJF supporting events include trend tours of exhibition stands with the most relevant collections. The tours will take place on 20 and 21 February. The tour guide is Ksenia Leri, TrendSquire Bureau Head.

The participants in the trend tour will visit stands of exhibitors who have presented commercial trends in the children’s clothing, footwear and accessories design in a most convincing way for the autumn-winter season 2018/2019.

An interactive format of the trend-review allows seeing and feeling the quality and functional characteristics of the exhibited clothes. The key point of the tour is how to determine the customers’ perceptivity to design trends. During the tour the participants will see the latest trends and a basic product range for different target groups of customers, price segments and sales and promotion methods.

“We are studying the local customer, the social and cultural environment, the influence of the economic and political events and the new technologies on the esthetic preferences,” says Ksenia Leri.

“We base our research on the perception of the macro trends influencing the way of life. With this knowledge we are developing our forecasts on various product groups such as fashion, beauty, interior and design, product design. We work together with the business in new and existing design projects, collections, prints, color palettes. We also offer our own versions of them. In November 2017 Trendsquire started a regular trend analysis in the children’s clothing segment. The first studied season was the autumn-winter 2018/2019. In the fashion industry, where design is crucial in forming the brand perception, the business task is to create a product taking into account the customer’s wishes, the commercial target of the producer, and the current design trends.”

The route of the tour and the trends review are segmented according to the product specialization, and are planned for two days:

February 20, 14:00:
Outdoor clothes, footwear and accessories for babies and schoolchildren

Meeting point: Pavilion No.3, Stand 3A50

February 21, 14:00:
Casual, sports and elegant clothes and footwear for children

Meeting point: the main entrance to Pavilion No.1

The tour will be useful not only to buyers and designers but also to all professionals in manufacturing and sales of clothes, footwear and accessories for children.