Artie®: from Armenia with love

Artie<sup>®</sup>: from Armenia with loveA new collection of Artie®, a young brand of clothes for children made in Armenia, was presented at the CJF 2018. Spring exhibition.

Artie® articles are made of quality fabrics, it is 100% cotton purchased from the world’s best brand suppliers. The brand products are for the age of 0-2 years; the sizes line-up is extended up to 3 years. Artie® follows key trends of the world fashion, and this allows the company to produce stylish and modern collections. The brand is young: it entered the market only in 2017. However, behind the young name there is a large experience: for several years Artie in cooperation with other manufacturers has been sewing products for Detskiy Mir® under its brand. In the coming season the factory’s products will be presented as a separate product range.

Artie<sup>®</sup>: from Armenia with love The Artie® brand has become a new step on the way to the company development.

“Artie® fully reflects our own face, our ideas and colors,” says Lilit Airiyan, the founder of Artie Trading House. “The style is more European one. We’ve always been told that the Russian market is not sensitive to this; however, it turned out to be opposite: we have successfully entered today’s Hipster trend. Everybody likes our design.”

Lilit Airiyan is the mastermind of the brand; it is she who selects the mood board, according to which the team of designers in Russia who are spiritually close to Lilit creates the design. She hires foreign designers, too.

Arti® products are sewed at the company’s own factory in Armenia which was made by Lilit and her partners from scratch.

“There are talented seamstresses in Armenia. After two weeks of training, they can make outstanding products. It is more difficult to find such specialists in Russia, so I didn’t take a risk to start manufacturing here. We have a hosiery factory in Russia where the human art impact is less involved,” Lilit Airiyan says. “After two years of the factory development we’ve hired about 1,000 employees. The factory is equipped with modern Turkish machines.

In future the company plans to bring up and train own designers in Armenia: they are going to patronize a local textile professional school where seamstresses, technologists and tailors will be educated, too.”