Piccino Bellino®: our suits embody nobility, elegance and grace

Piccino Bellino<sup>®</sup>: our suits embody nobility, elegance and graceThere are plenty of brands working in the segment of elegant clothes, and it is quite difficult to offer something really unique and competitive. Piccino Bellino®, a young Russian brand, managed to do it. Over only two years the sales geography of the brand has occupied 56 big cities of Russia. Olga Lyashchenko, Creative Director of the company, gave more details about the brand.

How long has Piccino Bellino® been working in the market?

“The brand was founded in 2016. Piccino Bellino® is elegant clothes for girls aged 3 to 12 years. The brand name can be translated from Sicilian dialect of Italian as ‘an excellent child’.”

What is the main concept of Piccino Bellino®?

“The main concept of the brand is a combination of a quality commercial product with a smart price policy. The clothes of the brand are produced at Moscow factories. We produce two main collections annually, and also a school uniform line-up. All our collections are thought over to the smallest detail. We pay strong attention to the quality of our products.”

Where have your collections been presented already?

Piccino Bellino<sup>®</sup>: our suits embody nobility, elegance and gracePiccino Bellino® actively develops as a wholesale distribution network. Our brand products can be discovered in major multi-brand shops in more than 50 cities of Russia. We are also developing our own online shop. We also plan to open our first flagship shop.”

Your design is so unusual. Where are the roots of your inspiration?

“We make our collections taking into account the latest fashion trends. We use our own intuition and desire to develop taste and feeling for style in our children. In the new summer season we use a combination of rich orange color and prints in the form of squirrels. In the collection with watercolor painted hydrangeas, we use the shades of tender lime color and of rich blue color. In our collection named The Queen Roses we concentrated on the color tones of soft-pink, pale green and white.”

Does the exhibition help you attract new customers?

“Yes, it does, with no doubt. CJF means an opportunity to meet our existing customers and new ones. The exhibition allows a fast extension of the geography of our sales around the country. It is also a high quality presentation ground for new collections: for example, at the latest exhibition we demonstrated a new school uniform collection, and it was very satisfying.”

Are you planning to enlarge your product range by adding items for boys?

“At present we pay great attention to further development and enlarging of the product range for girls, and also of the school clothes line-up. However, we also have plans for the future to design a collection for boys.”