Irina Korotenko: We continue to dream. And to produce!

Irina Korotenko: We continue to dream. And to produce!The I Love To Dream® clothes brand is a frequent exhibitor at CJF. Unusual prints, European design, convenient templets, and high quality of manufacture attract attention of the buyers and also children’s clothes fashion experts. Irina Korotenko, the founder and the owner of the company, tells about the advantages of the present collection and some business details in a sophisticated segment of fashion for teenagers.

Irina, last year our popular Trend Tour for professionals in the fashion of children clothes started from you exhibition booth. The experts distinguished both your products and your stylish booth…

“Yes, and we really appreciated the positive remarks of our colleagues. Every year we tend to make a nice presentation of our company, we do not save money on this. For every exhibition we prepare our stand furbished in the style of the collections which we present. This year we brought the School 2018 collection. We added clothes for boys to it. For girls we presented four capsules of school clothes made of different materials. We took a risk to offer a new kind of creatively different clothes: not conventional types of clothes, but more fashionable and trendy ones. In these items we use a lot of jersey and modern closely woven fabrics such as bonding. The customers appreciated elegant knitted silhouettes in our collection for boys. One more important detail of this collection is upper clothes i.e., raincoats and coats; and this is one more important advantage of the School 2018 collection.”

Besides the school collection, the exhibition visitors recognized your collection for spring-summer season. Various bright color prints are the signs of your brand style. How do the ideas for the prints appear?

“When it became possible to print all kinds of fabrics, we took this chance, and we do it with pleasure. Of course, the spring-summer collection is full of new creative details. Sometimes a print is created within minutes after you see some street collage, or under the influence of music or movies, but sometimes it takes months to create a print. By the way, here at the exhibition we’ve announced a part of our autumn collection in an unusual color palette, the idea for which was born within just moments. Within a month we plan to finish this collection and present it to the customers.”

Irina Korotenko: We continue to dream. And to produce!

What is your strategy for the coming year? Are you going to extend your product range or enter a new market segment?

“During 13 years of the company activities, we have made quite a long way trying to find our market niche; we supplied clothes of well-known European brands both for little children and for school children. At some point we came to conclusion that we had accumulated so many ideas that we are able to design our own brand for teenagers; and this niche is, in our opinion, the most important and of the highest demand. This is a very difficult segment to work in, and it has not yet been presented well enough in our country, especially in far regions, where the clothes for teenagers are sold alongside with baby diapers and matinee coats. The teenagers are vehemently unwilling to be associated with little children and do not visit such shops on principle. In big cities, there are large shopping centers for children, there are shopping malls, and there started to appear specialized shops for teenagers. These are either franchise projects, or some mono brand retail outlets, the style of which allows the teenagers to stand apart and independent and not to be associated with children.

“Therefore we also slowly but steadily go to our own brand shop opening. The crisis has made some corrections to our plans, but we still stick to this idea.

“Speaking about our further development plans: we plan to extend our size range up to 48-50. There is a certain ravine in these sizes: the children nowadays became bigger, and now these sizes fit 13-14 year old teenagers. Of course, we make some price corrections because today the price is a key factor for the customers to make a decision to buy clothes; and we offer our customers a choice. We consider this a strategically right approach.”