LETTY® added over clothes to the collection

LETTY<sup>®</sup> added over clothes to the collectionThe LETTY® clothes for children are already well-known to customers. Buyers from different regions like to purchase nice and stylish dresses and school uniform of this brand. LETTY® uses only trendy European fabrics of the best quality in its collections of clothes for children. Olga Ivanova, the founder and creator of the brand, tells about the results of the season and how the collections are created.

“We brought to CJF several collections at one time: first of all, the school one, which will be at the warehouses of our wholesale partners already this spring; and, of course, a new autumn-winter collection, casual and elegant styles. This year new items were added to our standard collection: we added the upper-layer-fur coats, overcoats, vests, i.e., we prepared the collection to be ready to offer a full stylish set; alongside with this, elegant dresses can be used as everyday wear. Today, our customers especially appreciate that LETTY® clothes can be combined and put on both on holidays and on working days. This became the main idea when we were creating the collection.”

How the collection ideas are born? How do you create a collection?

“First of all, we take into account how comfortable and natural the fabrics are. Of course, we need a creatively different design: it attracts modern girls. Even in our casual collection we try to make some items elegant. We express this beauty in accessories and elegant elements. Our customers know this style and approve it. It is of high demand. Our designers see their mission in cultivating of esthetic taste among young princesses and helping them become real ladies: stylish, beautiful and inimitable.

“It is important for an item not just to be beautifully designed: it should fit the child perfectly well. Initially we sew a small size sample, then we correct the fit; and then, after trying it on, we sew the second sample of a bigger size. We try to have the items really fit, to have an ideal tailoring. This is a big job which requires a lot of efforts.”

How do you evaluate the past year results, and what are your plans for the future season?

“In general, the year was not bad; of course, we had to make some correction to our plans, however, at the same time, we have acquired about 250 customers around Russia over this period. We were effective during the spring exhibition too: we got five or six new customers at our stand already during the first day, and they immediately placed orders. Of course, we feel strongly about certain problems of some of our colleagues in retail; but anyway we are sure that our customers will remain loyal to our brand.

“Our task is to make the customer not just buy our products, but we need our customers to be successful; we want our products to bring him success, and our products to find their own end-users, who would highly appreciate the quality and the price. We want to make the world better, and to make our children look better.”