UNITOYS supports sales of Pikmi Pops® with TV and Internet advertisement

UNITOYS supports sales of Pikmi Pops<sup>®</sup> with TV and Internet advertisementUNITOYS MSK Company is actively advertising and promoting a popular brand Pikmi Pops®. The product has been a bestseller in the European and Asian markets, and now in Russia. A new collecting brand Pikmi Pops® is among the most popular trends of the world of toys

The product range contains more than 45 unique characters –mini-plushies. Children just love them! The Pikmi Pops® mini-plushies are incredibly soft and smooth to the touch thanks to the filler that is special little pellets. Each mini-plushie has a unique design and a special yummy scent: one can find scents of mint, caramel, watermelon, and of many other favorite fruits or sweetmeats.

The product range has three size line-ups; each one has a different combination inside. Kids will find one mini-plushie character inside every surprise. Inside the mid-size, there will be two mini-plushies. A set includes, together with a mini-plushie, a lollipop vessel, a color dangler-string, a sticker, a surprise message, and also a collector’s guide (a small set contains a scented mini-plushie character, a sticker, a surprise message, and a collector’s guide).

The set is quite functional. One can hang a mini-plushie on his bag, back-pack or keys. The lollipop vessel can be used as a home for a plush character or as a storage place for little things of the kid.

Original shop-racks equipment is supplied to ensure sales of these products in retail shops. The sales are supported by massive advertising on TV channels for children such as Karusel and Mult. The Internet promotion program includes a competition Dance like Pikmi Pops in social media such as VK.com.