Polesie® held a grand fest for children

Polesie<sup>®</sup> held a grand fest for childrenThe Festival of Toys and Games was held by Polesie® in their home town for the fourth time already. The Polesie® staff built a town-sized entertainment area of kids’ dreams occupying 10 thousand square meters.

The Festival has become quite popular not only in the city of Kobrin and its region but also far beyond it. The huge area of the Festival was divided into entertainment sectors and areas to display various talents. A guidance map indicating different topical zones of games and entertainment was available for the visitors.

As always, toys and games manufactured by the Polesie® were of big interest to the little guests of the Festival. Visitors could buy these products right in the entertainment area and in the shopping center with the same name.

The little guests were happy with the zones with sand-pits where automobiles, building sets, sets for little housekeepers, tinker toys and other toys made by Polesie® were available. The visitors appreciated RC-Drift exciting race of remote-controlled cars. The most agile and fearless children liked electric cart races, bicycle races, and baby-walker races, all made by Polesie®.

Polesie® manufactures products licensed by Disney, Marvel, Smeshariki, The Three Cats, Volvo, Mammoet, Smurfs, and Miffy and friends. That’s why at the Toy Festival one could meet favorite cartoon characters – Lightning McQueen, Mickey and Mini Mouse, the Smurfs – and to make commemorative photos.