Magic World entered the international market

Magic World entered the international marketMagic World, a manufacturer of products for children’s creativity starts export of toys. A major Turkish distributor and a Lebanese Representative Office of JoueClub, an international retail chain of shops for children, became the first partners of Magic World abroad.

Commercial lots of Slime and Nano Gum (gum for hands) have been shipped to the above companies.

“We are also going to export Space Sand, and Elastic stretchy sand, and Plush kinetic play dough. International distributors, retail chains, kiosks, and event agencies are interested in purchasing our goods. Since our products are unique, we can forecast a 1.5 million USD annual export volume,” Stanislav Asrov, the General Director of Magic World says.

At present, the manufacturer is discussing export contracts with companies from the UK, France, Spain, Italy, the Baltic states, the Balkan states; purchase orders from Japan, Mexico and Congo are in progress now.