Arno Business Consulting will teach to manage price and customers’ behavior

Arno Business Consulting will teach to manage price and customers’ behaviorArno Business Consulting will hold two workshops at once on the 26th of September: “Price and product range management: high competition between sales persons and customers experiencing lack of money” and “Customers psychology: managing customers’ behavior and persuading them to spend money in your shop”.

Hall 2, Seminar Room 4

There is no need to underline the importance of the first topic once again. All the goods in shops have certain prices. How to select these cherished numbers in order to make customers happy and to provide the necessary profit for the shop? Which principles should you be committed to, and which models of pricing should you use? Why different items should have different retail margins? How to manipulate customers to make them pay the amount necessary for the shop? How to deal with inventory? When to start clearance sale? What to do in order to provide profit from the clearance sale? These topics will be highlighted during the workshop held by Andrei and Anna Arno.

“We’ll explain what price should be set for certain product groups,” Andrei Arno says. “We’ll explain what the pricing depends on. We’ll tell about key strategies of pricing. We’ll provide practical advice on when to start a clearance sale and what margin percentage should be set in order not to go bankrupt. We’ll also elaborate on the mechanism of stock clearance starting from the goal it is effected for and ending with the methods of manipulating customers’ behavior due to which the stock clearance can become not only successful but also profitable.”

The second seminar “Customers psychology: managing customers’ behavior and persuading them to spend money in your shop” will help the seminar participants determine the preferences and peculiarities of the targeted customer group.

“Who comes to your shop and what do they buy? This seems to be a funny question. It seems funny until you try to get into it,” Andrei Arno comments. “Who are your customers? What do they need you for? If you do not know it you’ll never have either good sales or decent profits. The customers’ behavior is determined by their specific psychological characteristics, their daily needs, their wishes and intentions, their behavioral stereotype, and, of course, by their living standards and wealth level. It is important to feel the target group of your customers and to understand them in order to choose the necessary influence instruments. We have been studying the behavior of the Russian customers in the segment of the goods for children since 2006. We have been consulting our clients on how to understand their targeted customers to sell more to them.

“At the workshop we’ll tell how to segment customers into general customers, loyal customers and the key part of the targeted group of customers. We’ll explain how to determine the needs of the targeted customers; how to find the optimal ways to sell the maximum of your products to the maximum number of end-users at the highest possible prices.”